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Is NCERT Books enough for JEE Main 2022

Is NCERT Books enough for Jee mains/advanced 2022?

When studying for the JEE Main conducted by National Testing Agency, a typical question that every JEE aspirant has is which books they should read in order to achieve the best scores in JEE Main 2022. Because the competition for seats in BE or BTech courses at the National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), and other engineering colleges in India is high, everyone wants to do well in JEE Main and get their desired college. To do well in JEE Main 2022 exam, you must prepare well. Furthermore, we cannot leave any stone unturned in entrance exams such as JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The results of these examinations will determine the college and college will determine the future of students. If students did not get a good engineering college or desired college it impacts their studies and also there is a huge difference in Tier-3 colleges and NITs and IIITs and top private colleges. 


In order to get admission to the desired college or top college students must refer to the suitable study material for JEE Main 2022. Experts agree that NCERT books are the best source to prepare for JEE Main 2022. In this article, we will discuss the best books of JEE Main 2022 and we will also discuss how NCERTs is enough. Bookmark this page to get all the updates about JEE Main 2022.

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Is NCERT is enough for JEE Main? Answer is here

The National Council of Educational Research and Training provides textbooks for the Central Board of Secondary Curriculum’s standard education (CBSE). These books are available for a variety of subjects and are utilized by students all around the country. Since students utilize these books to study for the entrance test, NCERT plays an important part in JEE Main preparation. With the help of NCERT students can consolidate their basics. Not only JEE Main preparation students can use NCERT books in JEE Advanced preparation and other engineering entrance exams. NCERT books are very helpful and easily available. Also, the language written in NCERT books is very easy. In NCERT books the concepts are described in an easy and detailed way. Hence, students must refer NCERTs to consolidate their knowledge.

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Is NCERT sufficient for JEE Main Preparation?

Above we have discussed what is NCERT books and why they are so popular and their significance. Now, we will discuss, how NCERT books are enough to prepare for JEE Main 2022. There are several reasons why NCERT is sufficient for the JEE Main 2022 Examination. While the fact that NCERT books include topics that are identical to those covered in the JEE Main curriculum is the most essential reason. Other factors are listed below: 


  1. Physics is another subject in the JEE Main Examination. The students must not rely on NCERT for their Physics preparation because in physics numerical questions are asked and students can ace numerical only by practice but in NCERT books there is a lack of practice questions. Hence, the students must supplement other practice books with NCERT to prepare for physics. A candidate will need to study Physics in addition to the NCERT books. The NCERT example is very useful for JEE Main preparation.
  2. In recent years, it has been noticed that the inorganic part of Chemistry questions are directly asked from NCERT books. Few questions from the inorganic Chemistry portion, inorganic processes, and p-block elements for the JEE Main exam have been taken directly from NCERT books in recent years. NCERT Chemistry Class 11th and 12th books may be used to review fundamental topics and solutions during JEE Main preparation. However, for areas like Physical Chemistry, additional JEE Main books and study resources may be required.
  3. In the case of mathematics, several of the problems from NCERT books have been repeated in the JEE Main exam papers. The essential principles of the mathematical disciplines are also thoroughly explained in NCERT books, and prior JEE Main candidates have stated that studying these books made their preparation much more defined and stronger. Hence, students must not ignore NCERT books if they are preparing for JEE Main. NCERT books play a vital role in the preparation of engineering and medical entrance exams.
  4. NCERT is also recommended by JEE Main toppers and experts for JEE Main preparation. Experts say that studying NCERT is sufficient to pass JEE Main.
  5. Students choose to prepare for the JEE Main entrance test using the official curriculum and NCERT books, which cover practically all topics. JEE Main and CBSE’s Class 11th and 12th boards have nearly identical syllabuses. NCERT books are one of the finest sources of information for students.

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Is NCERT Book good for JEE Main 2022

Below we have provided the reference books for JEE Main examination. The students must refer to these books to consolidate their preparation and the students must buy mock tests of Adda247 to assess their JEE Main preparation. Below we have listed the books on all three subjects:  


Is NCERT enough for jee mains maths: Books

  1. Objective Mathematics Vol 1 and Vol 2 by R.D. Sharma
  2. Complete Mathematics (TMH) by Ravi Prakash, Ajay Kumar, Usha Gupta
  3. Arihant Skills in Mathematics- Set of 7 books by Dr. SK Goyal, Amit M Agarwal
  4. IIT Mathematics by M.L. Khanna
  5. The Pearson Guide to Complete Mathematics for JEE by SL Loney
  6. NCERT Textbooks for Mathematics

Is NCERT enough for jee mains physics: Books

  1. Concepts of Physics (Part I)-HC Verma
  2. Physics for IIT-JEE-Resnick, Halliday, Walker
  3. Problems in Physics-S.S. Krotov
  4. Concepts of Physics (Part II)-HC Verma
  5. IIT JEE Physics-DC Pandey
  6. Problems in General Physics-I.E. Irodov

Is NCERT enough for jee mains chemistry: Books

  1. Organic Chemistry-Morrison Boyd
  2. Concise Inorganic Chemistry-J.D. Lee
  3. NCERT Textbooks for Mathematics
  4. Organic Chemistry-O.P Tandon
  5. Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations-R.C. Mukherjee
  6. Numerical Chemistry-P. Bahadur

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FAQs on Is NCERT Good for JEE Mains 2022?

Q.  Is NCERT enough for JEE Main 2022?

Yes, NCERTs are more than sufficient for JEE Main 2022. As the competition is increasing in JEE Main examination the students must not only rely on NCERTs they must follow other references books too.

Q. Is NCERT enough for physics and maths in JEE Main 2022?

Yes, NCERTs are sufficient for physics and maths in JEE Main 2022 but students must follow other practice books with NCERT for these subjects.

Q. What are the reference books for JEE Main 2022 Preparation?

We have given the booklist on this page.

Q. Can I crack JEE Main just by NCERT?

No, although NCERTs are sufficient conceptually, there is a lack of questions in NCERTs, to fill this gap the students must refer to the other reference books to crack JEE Main with a good rank.

Q. Is NCERT a good book for JEE Main 2022?

NCERTs are considered to be the best books for JEE Main 2022.

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