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IPMAT 2022 Preparation Last Minutes Tips for IIM Indore


IPMAT Last Minutes Preparation Tips 2022 for IIM Indore

IPMAT 2022 Preparation: Aspirants typically experience underperformance anxiety on the last day, which is one of their anxiety triggers. The need to outperform the competition, poor time management, not arriving at the exam location in time and other things might all contribute to this anxiousness. In reality, we provide some crucial advice that you must go by in order to boost your brainpower and appear in the test with complete confidence in order to stave off the last-minute worries.


  •     Start meditating: To improve your attention and calm your mind in the last days before the exam, you should begin meditating. You’ll do better on tests as a result.


  •     Get enough sleep the night before the test: It is recommended that you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night before the test for optimal performance.


  •     Examine the question paper from last year and a simulated sample paper: Candidates can increase their speed and accuracy by working through IPMAT practice tests and previous year’s question papers. Candidates can better manage their time throughout the test by practicing and keeping track of the time.


  •     Keep yourself healthy: Being calm and self-assured can help you do well on the IPMAT exam. If you run into trouble when answering the questions, try not to worry. Stay calm and confident in your planning.


  •     Revision using study notes: You can utilize the study notes in place of delving into all the topics in depth. Candidates should keep their notes close at hand so they may review them as needed.


  •     Don’t bring up any new subjects: A few days prior to the exam, studying new material will make you more confused and anxious. As a result, it is advised against studying new subjects. Reread just the material you have already learned.


  •     Improve your mental math skills: IPMAT tests give you a defined amount of time to finish a selection. Mental calculation is crucial for exam time management. The only way for candidates to develop their ability to mentally calculate is via practice.


  •     Keep a balance between speed and precision: Because the test will be timed in sections, it’s crucial to keep a balance between speed and correctness. Therefore, if a question takes a long time to solve, go on to the next one and avoid becoming stuck on it.


IPMAT 2022 Preparation Last Minutes Tips for IIM Indore- What to Do’s on Exam Day?

  Visit the testing place at least one day before the exam to confirm the availability of transportation and to find out the precise location of the test site.


  Arrive Early: On test day, get to the testing location well in advance of the scheduled hour.


  Use the restroom before the exam begins since you might not have time and might not be permitted to leave the testing area while the exam is taking place.


  Instead of taking your phone to the testing facility, give it to your guardian who lives nearby so they may be called in case of an emergency.

IPMAT 2022 Preparation Last Minutes Tips for IIM Indore- What Don’ts do on Exam Day

  Do not wear any jewelry or other metal-containing objects in the testing room.


  No phones, smart watches, or other electronics are permitted: Do not bring mobile phones or any other electronic devices inside the testing facility, including smartwatches and calculators.


  No Personal Belongings: There is no place outside the testing area where you may store your personal items, and neither the IPMAT exam center nor IIM Indore is liable for their loss.


  No stationery is permitted within the testing facility, including paper, pens, and pencils. The applicants will be given a rough pad/sheet and a pen for rough work, which must be returned after the test.

IPMAT 2022 Preparation Last Minutes Tips for IIM Indore- Quick general advice

  •     As soon as you can, try to finish your coursework.
  •     Put down any new portions. A few days up to the usual test
  •     Try to read the newspapers and take notes on different issues.
  •     Rehearse, practice, practice! Also, exercise
  •     Be assured and optimistic.

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IPMAT 2022 Preparation Last Minutes Tips for IIM Indore- FAQs

Ques 1. What is the IPMAT exam’s level of difficulty?

Ans. The IPMAT test is often straightforward to moderately tough.


Ques 2. Is math a requirement for the IPMAT?

Ans. Yes, math is a requirement for the IPMAT.


Ques 3. In ten days, can I pass the IPMAT?

Ans. By adhering to a well-planned study plan and schedule, you may pass the test with ease. According to the IPM Exam format, applicants are mostly evaluated on their verbal and quantitative reasoning abilities. Start by learning basic math concepts, and give yourself 10 to 15 days to finish them.

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