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Important Days in September Month in India 2022: List

Important Days In September

September 2022 will feature several significant national holidays, including Teacher’s Day, Forgiveness Day, Hindi Day, Engineer’s Day, Alzheimer’s Day, and Day of the Deaf. September is the eighth month of the year. In addition to national holidays, we also observe international holidays. International Days of Peace, World Literacy Day, World First Air Day, and World Ozone Day are just a few of the significant holidays that happen in September.

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Important Days in September 2022

Every year, thousands of candidates start preparing for a variety of competitive examinations for departments like teaching, the railroads, banks, and the military. Every candidate preparing for the next exam must be aware of the Special Days observed at the National & International level for the General Knowledge part. In addition to the syllabus, current affairs, the key days and calendars carry equal importance. We have listed every significant day and date in September 2022 in this page.


Important Days & Dates In September 2022 List

The calendar of days and activities for September 2022 is provided here. The students who are studying for their competitive or government exams will find this comprehensive list of Special Days & Dates in September to be very helpful.


List of Important Days in September 2022
Dates Events
1 to 7 September National Nutrition Week
2 September World Coconut Day
3 September  Skyscraper Day
5 September Teachers’ Day (Dr. Radhakrishnan’s birthday)
5 September International Day of Charity
7 September  Brazilian Independence Day
8 September World Literacy Day
8 September World Physical Therapy Day
10 September World Suicide Prevention Day
11 September National forest Martyrs day
14 September Hindi Diwas
14 September World First Aid Day
15 September Engineer’s day in India
15 September International Day of Democracy
16 September World Ozone Day
17 September  World Patient Safety Day
21 September Alzheimer’s Day
21 September International day of peace
22 September Rose Day (Welfare of Cancer patients)
23 September International Day of Sign Languages
25 September  World Pharmacists Day
26 September Day of the Deaf
26 September World Contraception Day
26 September  World Environmental Health Day
27 September World Tourism Day
28 September World Rabies Day
29 September World Heart Day
29 September  International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste
30 September  International Translation Day
30 September World Maritime Day


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Important Days & Dates in September

Dietary week (1-7 September)

The annual National Nutrition Week is observed from September 1 through September 7. The celebration’s goal is to increase public awareness of healthy eating habits and active living. National Nutrition Week 2021’s theme this year is “Feeding intelligently right from start.” The Indian government started the “POSHAN ABHIYAN” campaign in 2018 to inform the public about nutrition and health.

September 2 is World Coconut Day.

Since 2009, September 2 has been observed worldwide as World Coconut Day. Building a Safe Inclusive Resilient and Sustainable Coconut Community Amid COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond is the subject of World Coconut Day in 2021. The purpose of the holiday is to promote awareness of coconut consumption and its health advantages worldwide.

September 3 is Skyscraper Day.

Every year, Skyscraper Day is observed to honor the anniversary of Louis H. Sullivan, the “Father of modern Skyscrapers,” being born. Every year, a day called “Skyscraper Day” is observed to honor technical wonders.


Dr. Radhakrishnan’s birthday, Teachers’ Day, occurs on September 5.

On the anniversary of Bharat Ratna recipient Dr. S Radhakrishnan S birth, India has celebrated National Teachers Day every year since 1962. He served as Free India’s first vice president and second president.

September 5 is the International Day of Charity.

On September 5, which is Mother Teresa’s death anniversary, it is declared International Day of Charity. The UN General Assembly proclaimed this day on December 17, 2012, and it has been observed ever since in Mother Teresa’s honor. She dedicated her entire life to giving back and doing good. Mother Teresa received the “Nobel prize for peace in 1979.”


September 7 is Brazilian Independence Day.

On September 7, usually referred to as Sete de Setembro, Brazil celebrates its independence! It was a Portuguese colony prior to becoming independent. On September 7, 1822, Pedro di Alcântara, the son of the Portuguese king, issued a declaration of independence from Portugal.

September 8 is World Literacy Day.

Every year on September 8, people all across the world celebrate World Literacy Day. “Literacy for a human-centered recovery: Narrowing the digital divide” is the topic of World Literacy Day in 2021. UNESCO established World Literacy Day in 1966 to raise awareness of the value of literacy throughout the world. According to the UNESCO estimate, India will achieve universal literacy by 2060.

September 8 is World Physical Therapy Day.

On September 8th of each year, we observe World Physical Therapy Day. World Physical Therapy Day in 2021 will highlight “Long COVID and physiotherapy.” Every year, this day is observed to honor the efforts of physiotherapists, who help keep people active and healthy.

September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Every year on September 10, the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) commemorates World Suicide Prevention Day. World Suicide Prevention Day in 2021 will have as its subject “Creating hope through action.” The purpose of the day is to raise awareness about how suicide may be stopped all across the world.


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September 11 is National Forest Martyrs Day.

Every year on September 11th, National Forest Martyrs Day is observed in India as a mark of respect for those who gave their lives to preserve the country’s biodiversity, forests, and jungles. The 16th National Forest Martyrs Day was commemorated this year.

Hindi Day is September 14th.

Every year on September 14, India celebrates Hindi Diwas. On this date in 1949, the Indian Constitution Assembly declared Hindi written in Devanagari to be the national tongue. One of the most widely used languages worldwide is Hindi. 40% of residents both inside and outside the nation speak it as their first language.

September 11 is World First Aid Day.

Every September on the second Saturday, people around the world celebrate World First Aid Day. It is observed on September 11, 2021, this year. The topic of World First Aid Day in 2021, chosen by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), is “First aid and road safety.” This day is observed to raise awareness of the value of first aid education and to make it more widely available in order to save more lives in times of emergency.

India’s Engineer’s Day is on September 15.

Every year on September 15, engineers’ day is observed. Every year, this day is held to mark the anniversary of the birth of Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshvaraya, a pioneer in engineering and recipient of the Bharat Ratna Award. Since 1968, this holiday has been observed to honor the role that engineers have played in the nation’s growth.

15 September is the International Day of Democracy.

Every year on September 15, people worldwide celebrate International Day of Democracy. A UN General Assembly resolution adopted in 2007 declared it. The purpose of the day is to inspire governments to fortify and deepen democracy.

World Ozone Day – 16 September

World Ozone Day or International Day for the prevention of the Ozone Layer is observed each year on 16 September. The objective of this day is to spread awareness among the people about the depletion of the Ozone layer and search for possible ways to preserve it. The ozone layer protects life on earth by absorbing the UV rays of the Sun.

Sept. 17 is World Patient Safety Day.

Every year on September 17, there is a global observance of World Patient Safety Day. “Safe maternity and newborn care” is the subject for World Patient Safety Day in 2021. This day is observed to raise awareness of patient safety and to encourage people all around the world to pledge their support for ensuring the safety of healthcare. WHO is urging all parties involved this year to “Act immediately for safe and dignified childbirth.

September 21 is Alzheimer’s Day.

On September 21st, people all across the world mark World Alzheimer’s Day. The goal of the day is to dispel the widespread stigma associated with dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease. In order to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease during this year’s 10th World Alzheimer’s Month, a campaign was started in 2012.

September 21 is the International Day of Peace.

Every year on September 21, there is a global day of peace. Recovering better for an equal and sustainable world is the topic of the 2021 International Day of Peace. By observing a 24-hour period of nonviolence and a cease-fire, the UN Assembly declared this day to strengthen the principles of peace.

22 September is World Rose Day (to support cancer patients).

The 22nd of September is designated as World Rose Day each year. Melinda Rose, who was diagnosed with the rarest kind of blood cancer when she was 12 years old, is remembered on this day each year. The goal of this day is to encourage those who have been impacted by cancer and to let them know they are not fighting this deadly disease alone.

The 23rd of September is International Day of Sign Languages.

The 23rd of September has been designated as International Day of Sign Languages by the UN General Assembly. The purpose of celebrating International Day of Sign Languages is to support and preserve the cultural diversity and linguistic uniqueness of all sign language users.

The 25th of September is World Pharmacists Day.

The 25th of September is designated as World Pharmacists Day each year. this year’s central theme. Always trust the pharmacy with your health. The day is intended to honor the contributions made by pharmacists worldwide.

September 26 is World Day of the Deaf.

The last day of the International Week of the Deaf, which falls on September 26 this year, is recognised as World Day of the Deaf. Every year during the last full week of September, the world observes International Week of the Deaf. The International Week of the Deaf in 2021 will have the theme “Celebrating Thriving Deaf Communities.” The purpose of the week is to bring the accomplishments and difficulties facing the deaf population to the attention of the general public and development authorities.

Sept. 26 is World Contraception Day.

On September 26th of each year, we observe World Contraception Day. To raise awareness of contraception and empower young people to make educated decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, this day was created.

The 26th of September is World Environmental Health Day.

The 26th of September is designated as World Environmental Health Day each year. “Prioritizing environmental health for healthier communities in global recovery” is the subject of World Environmental Health Day in 2021. World Environment Health Day will now be observed annually on September 26 according to a declaration made by the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) in 2011.

September 27 marks World Tourism Day.

The 27th of September is designated as World Tourism Day each year. World Tourism Day in 2021 will focus on “Tourism for Inclusive Growth.” The purpose of World Tourist Day is to increase public awareness of the contribution that the tourism industry makes to uniting and bridging the global community.

Global Rabies Day is September 28.

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control recognises September 28 as World Rabies Day each year. The goal of World Rabies Day this year is debunking any myths or misconceptions about rabies while highlighting the realities. The fifteenth World Rabies Day occurred this year.

September 29 is World Heart Day.

Every year on September 29, the world celebrates heart health. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of cardiovascular disorders. The World Heart Foundation created World Heart Day.

29 September is the International Day to Reduce Food Loss and Waste.

Every year on September 29, people around the world mark the International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste Reduction. The Food Agriculture Organization has only ever observed this day twice.

September 30 is International Translation Day.

The world celebrates International Translation Day every September 30. St. Jerome, a Bible translator who is revered as the patron saint of translators, is remembered on this day. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the translation industry among all foreign communities worldwide.

September 30 marks World Maritime Day.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other international organizations will celebrate World Maritime Day on September 30 this year. Seafarers are the foundation of shipping’s future, according to the theme of World Maritime Day 2021.


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Important Days in September 2022: FAQs

Question 1. When is Teacher’s Day Celebrated and Why?

Ans. Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 05th September 2022 to pay tribute to Dr. Radhakrishnan’s.


Question 2. When Is Hindi Diwas/Hindi Day Celebrated?

Ans. 14 September is celebrated as Hindi Diwas/Hindi Day.


Question 3. What Are the Important Days In September 2022?

Ans. A few special days celebrated in September are Teacher’s day, forgiveness day, Hindi day, Engineer’s day, Alzheimer’s Day, Day of the Deaf, World Literacy Day, World First Air Day, and many others.


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