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ICSE Class 10 English Syllabus 2022-23

ICSE Class 10 English Syllabus

The English syllabus for the ICSE Class 10 is a crucial component of exam preparation. For ICSE Class 10 pupils, simply studying randomly will not yield any results, particularly when studying the language topic. Students must, therefore, thoroughly understand the ICSE syllabus for Class 10 English before starting their exam preparation. The ICSE Class 10 English Syllabus for the exam in 2023 is provided for their benefit.

ICSE Class 10th English Syllabus 2023

Students can effectively understand the chapter using the factual and reliable teaching materials provided by the Class 10 ICSE English syllabus. The fundamental ideas needed to use the language correctly and effectively will be made clear to the students. The fundamental concepts of the chapters will be presented, and the class 10 English curriculum will provide appropriate answers to the questions.


The English Class 10 curriculum is current and has been cross-referenced with experts to determine whether the material is still relevant for the current academic year. Students will comprehend the fundamental structural patterns of the language once they have finished reading the English curriculum for Class 10 ICSE, which will help them perform well in their exams.


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ICSE Class 10th English Syllabus: Detail

Paper 1: English Language

There will be 5 different sorts of questions in paper 1:


  • To assess the student’s abilities to describe, narrate, report, and present ideas, write a 300–350 word paragraph. Additionally evaluated are the proper use of punctuation, syntax, grammatical correctness, and spelling.
  • Write a formal or informal letter using the proper format, emphasising acceptable vocabulary in the letter’s content, etc.
  • Using the information supplied, compose an email or a brief notification.
  • Unseen passage: Students must read the given passage and respond to the questions.
  • Short answer questions are used to gauge candidates’ proficiency in English usage, structure, and functional grammar.


Paper 2: Literature

Questions from the required drama, prose, and poetry textbooks will be asked in this part.


  1. The Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare’s unabridged play by A.W. Verity)

TREASURE TROVE – A collection of ICSE Poems and Short Stories (Evergreen Publications)


  1. POETRY: All poems to be studied.


(i) I know why the Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angelou


(ii) The Patriot – Robert Browning


(iii) Abu Ben Adhem – Leigh Hunt


(iv) Nine Gold Medals – David Roth


(v) Daffodils – William Wordsworth


  1. PROSE (short stories): All short stories to be studied.


(i) The Little Match Girl – Hans Christian Andersen


(ii) The Blue Bead – Norah Burke


(iii) My Greatest Olympic Prize – Jesse Owens


(iv) All Summer in a Day – Ray Douglas Bradbury


(v) An Angel in Disguise – T.S. Arthur

ICSE Class 10 English Syllabus: Writing Advice

The two main components of the English Class 10 ICSE Syllabus are language and literature. Here are some crucial pointers from academic authorities to assist you in producing an excellent and highly rated English work.


  • Be ready with a suitable syllabus, sample papers, and grammar tests.
  • Include all points in your descriptive writing when you respond.
  • Watch out for grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Read reference books and textbooks thoroughly.
  • After reading the question twice and comprehending its content, respond to the exam questions.
  • When responding to lengthy questions, consider the format of your responses first.
  • Avoid stuffing your sentences full of jargon. Instead, make an effort to express your ideas and notions in your answers with clarity and precision.

Advantages Of Reading ICSE Class 10 English Syllabus

Students who adhere to the English curriculum for Class 10 will thoroughly understand the subject. The advantages of using the Class 10 English syllabus are listed below:-


  • It will be much simpler for you to perform well on tests if you study the complete English curriculum with a clear understanding of grammar, comprehension, literature, etc.
  • Following the curriculum ensures a solid and continuous learning process. It will put you ahead of your peers and help you ace the test. The students will master the language and the topics for better exam preparation by adhering to the syllabus.
  • The student’s ability to appreciate quality literature will grow as a result.
  • When you study English in accordance with the curriculum, there is no chance that you will miss any chapters.

ICSE Class 10 English Syllabus: FAQs

Ques 1. What ICSE courses are offered in Class 10?

Ans. Candidates must select 7 subjects. It should be noted that Group A contains 4 mandatory subjects, 2 optional subjects, and 1 optional subject. Group B and Group C both contain optional subjects.


Ques 2. How challenging is the Class 10 English ICSE exam?

Ans. The English exam for the ICSE Class 10 is simpler than you might imagine. All you need to do is understand the English language’s conventions and regulations.


Ques 3. Why Is Knowing the Class 10 ICSE English Syllabus Important?

Ans. The ICSE English syllabus for Class 10 is crucial since it will aid pupils in effectively preparing for their exams.

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