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How To Score 25+ in CLAT 2023 Logical Reasoning?

Score 25+ in CLAT 2023 Logical Reasoning

Twenty-two National Law Universities (NLU) in India administer the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), a centralised national entrance examination, to applicants seeking admission to integrated five-year undergraduate law programmes (BA LLB, BBA LLB, BSc LLB, etc.). Every year, the Consortium of NLUs around the country administers the test, which can be taken following the Higher Secondary Examination or the 12th grade.

In a typical CLAT battle, the candidate has 120 minutes to complete 150 questions in five categories: English Language, Current Affairs (including General Knowledge), Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Techniques. Each question is an objective type with one mark. Additionally, 0.25 of a mark is deducted for each incorrect response.

CLAT logical reasoning 

CLAT Simply said, logical reasoning refers to questions that are designed to test your ability to think logically, analyse a given situation, and come up with the right solution. It seeks to determine whether you have the capacity to comprehend the issue and come to the required decision as a rational being.

Similar to math, logical thinking involves finding the correct solution or coming up with nothing at all. In this case, speculating is not an option. All you have to do is practise more!


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CLAT 2023 legal reasoning Syllabus

The topics covered in the CLAT syllabus’s Logical Reasoning section are listed below.

  • Reasoning Ability
  • Analogy
  • Analysis Skills
  • Pie graphs
  • Puzzles
  • Related Logical Aspects
  • Integer Logic
  • Seating Design Analytical Skills
  • Assumption
  • relational ties
  • Calendars
  • Coding and Decoding of Clocks
  • Diagrams of data structures
  • Matrix and Linear Arrangements
  • logical order
  • Premise Puzzles Related Aspects
  • Verbal Ability

Information about the CLAT Logical Reasoning Section:

  • Weight: This year, there will be 28–32 questions in this part, making up roughly 20% of the total exam.
  • grading system- You receive one mark (+1) for each correct response and lose one point for each incorrect response. The overall score will be reduced by 025 points.
  • Pattern: The CLAT Logical Reasoning section’s questions will be based on 300-word readings. This component of the exam will likewise be comprehension-based, just like the other sections (English, Legal Reasoning, and GK). You must extensively practise the previous year’s exam papers because there may be questions based on syllogisms and puzzles as well.

Preparation Strategy to score 25+ Marks in CLAT Logical Reasoning

  • For every law student aspiring to the bar, developing a strategy for CLAT-UG preparation is crucial. The most score-able area of the CLAT is logical reasoning, and a large portion of that score depends on your strategy.
  • To improve your readiness for logical thinking, you can take into account the following preparation strategy:
  • Clarify your ideas and comprehend the logical reasoning syllabus’s underlying principles. Also Determine your advantages and disadvantages.
  • Rather than complicating your study strategy with several books, try to locate one excellent book that will best prepare you for the logical reasoning section.
  •  Gain time management skills and simple methods for answering issues requiring logical reasoning. You can swiftly tackle challenging exam problems with this.
  •  To get a better understanding of the actual exam setting, you should take additional practise exams and study previous years’ question papers, which will help you gauge the section’s degree of difficulty. Find online practise tests for exams.
  •  Only practise will enable you to accelerate and conserve time during the exam. You can succeed in this area only if you practise it frequently. Maintain your routine and make an extra effort to practise.

CLAT 2023 Logical Reasoning- Books to be referred

Books are a natural source of information when getting ready for the CLAT. To improve knowledge and succeed in the test, it is crucial to seek the aid of various books.

While getting ready for the test, you might consult the following CLAT preparation books.

  • Universal’s Logical Reasoning for CLAT, LSAT, and other Law Entrance Exams by Jain Prateek 
  •  501  challenging Logical Reasoning Practice Book
  • Reasoning Verbally by RS Aggarwal

CLAT 2023 Logical Reasoning- Preparation Tips

  • Preparation Plan-Making a thorough strategy for your course of study is the first step in learning logical reasoning. To finish the syllabus by the deadline and leave time for revisions, aspirants should develop a list of topics and schedule their daily study time for each one.
  • Practice- In order to improve their analytical skills for the CLAT’s logical reasoning portion, aspirants must practise a lot more. The Aspirants’ ability to reason swiftly will improve as they practice various reasoning techniques.
  • Practice With Shortcuts-Aspirants should get comfortable using shortcuts and simpler approaches to challenges. When trying to finish the CLAT exam in a short amount of time, this strategy can be very helpful and will aid aspirants in time management.

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CLAT 2023 Logical Reasoning: FAQs

  1. How can I do well on the CLAT’s section on logical reasoning?

You will only succeed in the CLAT Logical Reasoning Section if you put up the effort, maintain consistency, and practise writing essays.


  1. How can reasoning problems be quickly solved?

If you are familiar with the fundamentals of these subjects and can recognise the right pattern, you can quickly solve reasoning problems in areas like codes, directions, blood relations, syllogisms, etc.

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