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How to Prepare for CLAT 2023?

How to Prepare for CLAT 2023 without coaching?

Candidates planning to take the CLAT 2023 should plan their preparation for 6 to 7 months.  They will see a rise in their CLAT 2023 scores proportional to the amount of time they devote to preparation. With over 70,000 candidates competing each year for admission to 22 National Legal Universities, the Common Law Admission Test is one of the most competitive law entrance tests. That being said, CLAT 2023 success is not guaranteed because it is one of the most difficult law admission tests in the country. Candidates must not only pass the test but also obtain a decent rank on the CLAT 2023 merit list in order to be admitted to any of the top national law universities (NLUs). In this article, we have given a complete study plan to prepare for CLAT 2023

CLAT 2023 Exam Pattern 

The candidates appearing in the CLAT 2023 must know CLAT 2023 Exam Pattern. The number of questions and their weightage per topic is given in the table below.

Subject/topics Number of questions Percentage weightage
English Language 28-32 questions 20%
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge 35-39 questions 25%
Legal Reasoning 35-39 questions 25%
Logical Reasoning 28-32 questions 20%
Quantitative Techniques 13-17 questions 10%

Previous Year CLAT 2023 Exam Analysis

The previous year’s CLAT 2023 exam analysis is based on the questions asked in the previous years. We have given the summary of the previous year’s CLAT 2023 exam analysis in the table below.

Section Good Score Level of Difficulty
English 22+ Easy-Medium
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge 22+ Moderate
Legal Reasoning 22+ Easy-moderate but lengthy
Logical Reasoning 24+ Moderate
Quantitative Techniques 11+ Moderate but tricky
Total 100 Moderate to difficult

Tips to Prepare for CLAT 2023 English

  1. Study the fundamentals of grammar, which you may do even using school-level grammar books to build your foundation. To get a decent CLAT 2023 score, you must improve your grammar and fix your mistakes.
  2. To boost your CLAT English preparation, read the newspaper editorials and opinion columns.
  3. Read more to enhance your language skills. To improve your vocabulary, read newspapers, books, magazines and novels.

Tips to Prepare for CLAT 2023 Mathematics

  1. In CLAT 2023 only basic maths till 10th is needed. Therefore, the students need not to worry about the mathematics section.
  2. Regularly memorise tables up to 20 and squares up to 30. This will help you to calculate faster.
  3. Determine the essential topics and have a thorough understanding of each concept.
  4. It is sufficient to read the NCERT Mathematics textbooks for grades 9 and 10.

Tips to Prepare for CLAT 2023 Legal Aptitude

  1. Legal aptitude remains the most important and difficult subject of CLAT 2023. The questions in the legal aptitude section are meant to assess your ability to solve legal problems.
  2. The candidates can refer to the books “Most commonly used legal terms” and “legal glossary terms.”
  3. It is also beneficial to read law periodicals in order to gain a more legal perspective on matters or to form a more legal opinion on subjects that are important.
  4. The Indian Constitution and the Legal Penal Code are important literature sources for this.
  5. Reading the newspaper or watching the news can help you improve your legal vocabulary.

Tips to Prepare for CLAT 2023 Logical Reasoning

  1. Clear your concepts and grasp the fundamentals of the topics included in the curriculum.
  2. Solve as many questions from past years’ papers as you can.
  3. Concentrate on topics such as blood relationships, directions, numerical series, deriving conclusions, and so forth.
  4. Analyse and solve questions based on verbal and nonverbal reasoning.

Tips to Prepare for CLAT 2023 General Knowledge and Current Affairs

  1. Make a list of key dates, prizes, and so on. This will be beneficial during your revision period.
  2. Consider major newspapers and monthly magazines for current events.
  3. A basic understanding of history, geography, and science will be highly valued.
  4. Making a practice of reading the newspaper every day is one of the greatest CLAT 2023 GK Preparation tips.

Preparation Tips for CLAT 2023

Follow the tips given below in order to secure a decent rank in CLAT 2023:

  1. Have a Study Routine: Students planning to take the CLAT 2023 should develop a detailed study plan before beginning their preparations. Students only have a few months to go through the vast curriculum, therefore they should spend six to seven hours every day studying. Candidates should make every effort to finish their CLAT curriculum study at least a month before the exam date.
  2. Make Hand-Made Notes: Candidates must make handwritten notes and keep them while reading books or newspapers at the same time. If you took notes, highlight important points, or draw flowcharts and diagrams, the preparation would be much faster and easier. When you are towards the end of your preparation and need to analyse a large number of books in a short amount of time, the CLAT 2023 notes will be helpful.
  3. Revision: Revise all your notes weekly or on alternate days. The revision will make your CLAT 2023 preparation stronger and you can retain what you have learnt for the longer time period.
  4. Practice Mock Test: The mock test is helpful while preparing for any examination. Through mock test, the candidates can assess their preparation and also can figure out the weak and strong topics.

How to Prepare for CLAT 2023?- FAQs

Q. When will CLAT 2023 be held?

CLAT 2023 will be held on 18 December 2023.

Q. CLAT 2023 will be held in online or offline mode?

The CLAT 2023 will be held in offline mode or pen and paper mode.

Q. Who will conduct CLAT 2023?

The Consortium of NLUs is responsible to conduct CLAT 2023.

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