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CSEET 2022: Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Syllabus 

What is Company Secretary(CS)?

The Company Secretary Course is highly popular and the course is on a rising spree with every passing year. The course is a demanding career as it requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. A career as a company secretary is not rewarding but also enriching in knowledge base. It provides holistic development and learning to launch yourself in the corporate world. A student as a Company Secretary is not only prestigious but also provides a high level of job satisfaction. Satisfaction at the Job is very important for most people and employees to seek to find a career that gives them rewards and satisfaction. A career as a company secretary certainly provides the employee with it. 

Who is a Company Secretary?

  1. The company secretary is an in-house legal expert
  2. He/she is a compliance officer of the company
  3. A person who completes the course of CS is an expert in corporate laws
  4. He/she is also well versed in the capital market, securities laws and corporate governance. 

A company secretary renders services in the following areas

  • Financial Market Services
  • Corporate governance 
  • Secretarial Services
  • Corporate Laws Advisory 
  • Management Services

As the course of Company Secretary is dynamic similarly, the roles and services taken care of by the company secretary are also dynamic. The professional also take care of day-to-day administrative duties like Intellectual property and pension scheme of the company

All About CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET 2022) 

The New ICSI 2022 has been envisioned to further enhance the quality of future members. This is now the main objective of the ICSI 2022. The company secretaries (Amendment) Regulations 2022 requires the introduction of the CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) in place of the Foundation program. The exam is introduced to cater to the diverse students seeking admission to the Company Secretary profession. It is a stream-neutral option therefore the candidates appearing/passing in class 12th examinations are eligible for appearing in the CSEET. It is mandatory for all candidates to pass the CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET). All candidates are required to register for the CS Executive Program, except for a few exempted categories of candidates.

CSEET 2022: Exam Pattern 

CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) is divided into four parts

  1. Business Communication
  2. Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning
  3. Economic and Business Environment
  4. Current Affairs

Post these four subjects it is followed by 

  1. Viva Voce of 15 minutes on “presentation and Communication Skills”
    1. It will be a computer-based test (CBT). The exam will be of 120 minutes. The exam will be conducted at designated exam centres.
  2. S. No. Subject No. of Questions Marks
    1. Business Communication 35 50
    2. Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning 35 50
    3. Economic and Business Environment 35 50
    4. Current Affairs 15 20
    Total 120 170

CSEET 2022: Eligibility

  1. A candidate who has passed or is appearing in the senior secondary examination or equivalent is eligible to appear in the CSEET.
  2. All graduate students and Postgraduate students who are eligible for registration directly to the CS Executive Program are also required to clear the CSEET to become eligible for the Executive Program.

CSEET 2022: Syllabus 

CSEET 2022 is the first stage toward CS. The students dreaming to become CS must qualify for the 1st stage to enter the second stage. We have given here the CSEET 2022 syllabus. The candidates must have CSEET 2022 syllabus on their table while studying to be clear about the topics asked in CSEET 2022 examination. Check the detailed CSEET 2022 syllabus given below:

PAPER 1 Business Communication

This Part contains topics such as :

  • Essentials of Good English – It includes Common Error in English, Sentence Formation, Pronoun, Verbs, Adjectives and more, Abbreviations, Proverbs and many such topics
  •  Communication – Concept of Communication, meaning of it, importance and significance, Modes of Communication, Barriers to Communication, and their solution, Listening Skills and Hearing Skills. 
  • Business Correspondence – Business Letters, Positive Mesages, Negative Messages, Concept of Web, Intranet, Emails and more
  • Common Business Terminologies – Terms under various laws and their meanings and expressions. 

PAPER 2  Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning 

  •  Indian Constitution – Preamble, Citizenship, Fundamental Rights and Duties Presidents and Governors and more
  • Elements of General Law – Contract Law, Law of Tort
  • Elements of Company Secretary legislation – About ICSI, its vision, mission, objectives, goals and so on.
  • Elements of Company Law – Meaning, Nature of Company, Board Meetings, Shareholder Meeting, etc
  • Legal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non verbal reasoning

PAPER 3 Economic and Business Environment


  • Basics of Demand and Supply and Types of Competitions
  • National Income and Related Concepts
  • Indian Union Budget
  • Indian Financial Markets
  • Indian Economy

Business Environment

  • Entrepreneurship Scenario
  • Business Environment
  • Key Government Institutions

PAPER 4 Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication skills

Current Affairs

Current Affairs related to national and international importance, International Bodies, Arts and Culture, Business Personalities, etc

Presentation and Communication Skills 

  • Listening Skills
  • Written Communication Skills
  • Oral Communication Skills

FAQs on CSEET 2022

Q. How many subjects will be asked in CSEET 2022?

The CSEET 2022 examination consists of 4 subjects that are Business Communication, Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning, Economic and Business Environment, and Current Affairs.

Q. How many times CSEET 2022 is conducted in a year?

The ICSI conducts CSEET 4 times a year. The CSEET examination is held in 4 phases namely January, May, July, and November.

Q. Is CSEET 2022 easy to crack?

Yes, if students studies with proper planning and dedication then CSEET 2022 exam is easy to crack. The students must complete syllabus within time and revise timely to crack CSEET 2022 in one go.

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