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CBSE Reading Challenge 3.0 Starts For Class 6 To 10 Students On Diksha Portal


What exactly is the Diksha portal?

The acronym DIKSHA stands for Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing and Application. It is a nationwide school education portal. It is for the benefit of Indian teachers and students.

Diksha was created by whom?

DIKSHA was launched by Venkaiah Naidu, and it has now been embraced by 35 Indian states/UTs, as well as CBSE, NCERT, and millions of students and teachers.
The Central Board of Secondary Education hosts the CBSE Reading Challenge 2022, which aims to promote reading literacy among school children. Students in classes 8, 9, and 10 can enrol in the CBSE Reading Challenge 2.0 course.

In 2021, did the CBSE award grace marks?

The school result committee had granted 4,655 students from 665 schools associated with the board a grace period of up to five marks. The grace marks were awarded under the moderation policy, which allows a student who is missing a few marks to pass to be promoted.

Is CBSE going to fail pupils?

Students who fail a subject in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board exams are not required to retake a year, according to a rule. Everyone, including kids, parents, and teachers, is pleased with CBSE's decision.

Is CBSE a challenging exam?

Students take the CBSE Board Tests, which are one of the most essential and difficult exams they will ever take.

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