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CBSE Question Bank for Class 12

CBSE Question Bank for Class 12 is available here you can easily check. Many of a student’s future college courses are most probably based on the results of the Class XII exam. However, maybe that is the reason why students make a big deal about it. And why should not they?

However, begin to view the board exams as a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block can be helpful for the appearing candidates of CBSE board exams. So, rather than avoiding your fear of failure/taking a huge exam by depending on easier answers, it’s better to face it head-on and acquire confidence and strength in the process.

Who would not want to be stress-free? But avoiding problems can not be a solution for that. There are times when you simply cannot avoid the stress. Moreover, taking board examinations just as a learning process will bring up many changes and this new thinking process and assurance for the same by the parents might be a stress buster for the appearing candidates.

Board examinations may teach you how to deal with pressure and difficult situations while also teaching you how to find solutions. You’ll learn to manage your time, multitask, and perform at your best under duress, and you’ll get tougher as a result.
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CBSE Question Bank for Class 12

Sr. No. Class Subject
1 XII Business Studies
2 XII Physical Education
3 XII Political Science
4 XII History
5 XII Sociology
6 XII English Core
7 XII Mathematics
8 XII Accountancy
9 XII Economics
10 XII Chemistry
11 XII Computer Science
12 XII Informatics Practices


CBSE Question Bank For Class 12: Economics

The creation, distribution, and consumption of products and services are all covered by economics, a social science. It revolves around and studies how individuals, businesses, governments, and countries make resource allocation decisions.

This Question Bank has a number of Case Study-based questions that students should be familiar with and practise. It’s an excellent resource for intelligent teachers and students.

It’s worth noting that the overall goal of this resource is to give teachers a framework for thinking about and practising analysis-based learning and problem-solving.

The questions in this document are intended to be understood by a teacher as well. It will help teachers reflect on their teaching practises and promote a shift away from “teaching to the test”. The question bank focuses more on the process of discovery, openness, imaginative engagement, and activity-based learning in ways that bring the text to the child as much as the child to the text.


CBSE Question Bank for Class 12: English(Core)

This is yet another outstanding CBSE examination resource that will benefit both teachers and students. The Class 12 English Core Question Bank is a comprehensive practice resource that includes a variety of question types based on the most recent CBSE curriculum and NCERT chapters.

The document’s questions aren’t dependent on simple recollection or rudimentary knowledge, as you’ll notice. Rather, they were created to help pupils develop the ability to think critically and creatively, with an emphasis on inferential abilities.

This resource shows how the English Core curriculum can be used to motivate students and teachers.

CBSE has shown concerns and has hoped that instructors will view this text as a reminder of their potential. CBSE hopes that the teaches will take it as a useful tool for not only preparing their students but also for starting their own thinking and engagement processes.


CBSE Question Bank for Class 12  : Physical Education

Physical education entails the study and understanding of all bodily functions and psychomotor activities that occur during play and movement. Physical education training is required during the school year at various criteria institutes. Part-time students can take physical education as well.

According to the most recent Competency-based curriculum, the Class 12 Physical Education Board exam may include Case Study-based questions, for which the CBSE has provided an outstanding resource in the form of Question Banks.

The Grade 12 Physical Education Question Bank includes a variety of Case Study-based questions that correspond to the syllabus’s ideas. Once students have received these files, they can use them to add new types of questions to their revision time, while teachers can use them to create surprise tests for their students.


CBSE Question Bank for Class 12: Business Studies

In many countries, Business studies is a subject that is taught in schools and at universities. Accountancy, finance, marketing, organisational studies, human resource management, and operations are all part of the research.

CBSE has released this question bank for Business Studies for Class XII with the goal of assisting teachers in their efforts to shift away from the generations-old process of rote learning and has extended their efforts toward impact pedagogy in the classroom. Questions from the curriculum books have been produced as example questions for practice by the students.

This Question Bank has a number of Case Study-based questions that students should be familiar with and practise. It’s an excellent resource for intelligent teachers and students.


CBSE New Syllabus For Class 12 & 11 2021-2022

CBSE Class 12 New Syllabus 2021-22 CBSE Class 11 New Syllabus 2021-22
Class 12 Maths Class 11 Maths
Class 12 Physics Class 11 Physics
Class 12 Chemistry Class 11 Chemistry
Class 12 Biology Class 11 Biology
Class 12 Economics Class 11 Economics
Class 12 Accountancy Class 11 Accountancy
Class 12 History Class 11 History
Class 12 Geography Class 11 Geography
Class 12 Political Science Class 11 Political Science
Class 12 English Class 11 English


CBSE New Syllabus Class 9 & 10 For 2021-2022

CBSE Class 10 New Syllabus 2021-22 CBSE Class 9 New Syllabus 2021-22
Class 10 Maths Class 9 Maths
Class 10 Science Class 9 Science
Class 10 Social Science Class 9 Social Science
Class 10 English Class 9 English


FAQs for CBSE Question Bank for Class 12

Are the 12th Boards examination to be held in 2022?

For the academic year 2021-2022, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released a plan for Class 10 and 12 Board exams. The academic period has been divided into two terms, with the Board administering tests at the end of each.

Are question banks important for examination prep?

Students can use the question bank if they want to add more value to their study and learning routine. The question banks provide you an idea of the test format and question types that will appear on the board exams.

Do the actual exam questions match the CBSE Question Bank?

The basic idea that question banks give is about the pattern type and format. However, at some points the questions might be similar to that of the question banks.

How many hours should a boards student study to get good results?

According to experts teachers and topper students, If you really want score a 90+ percentage in your board examinations, you need to study for at least 8 hours a day. This is the only method to attain such a high percentage. Divide your study time evenly between your key subjects. However, don’t forget to study courses like Hindi and English.



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