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CBSE Latest News- New Marking Scheme by CBSE for Skill Subjects

CBSE Latest News Today- New Marking Scheme for Skill Subjects by CBSE

CBSE Latest News Today- New Marking Scheme for Skill Subjects, CBSE offers 38 skilled subjects for the students. For the higher education sector, CBSE has decided to equalize marks for the skilled subjects and has decided to distribute marks accordingly to the students who have these skilled optional subjects.

CBSE Latest News About CBSE Exam Pattern and Mark Distribution for Skill Subject

The decision is taken to allocate 60 marks for the theory and 40 marks for practical exams in these skilled subjects. CBSE has divided the marks into all skilled subjects for the students of Class 11. For the students of Class 11, this scheme will come into effect from the academic year, 2021-2022. Currently, there won’t be any further changes in the marking for the Class 12 students who have opted for the skilled subjects. The changes in the marking scheme of skilled subjects for Class 12 will come into effect from the year, 2022-2023. The Board has decided to divide marks equally for all skilled subjects just like the other regular subjects which are being offered by the Central Board of Secondary Education. It has also been decided that if a school wants to start a new skill development subject from the current year, there won’t be any extra fees charged for the same. The board has requested that if any schools are planning to start a new skill development subject, they should submit the report of the teachers who will be teaching the subjects in their school to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The schools are not required to ask for separate permission from the Board to start a new skill development subject. They need to fill the appropriate form and describe in detail the skill and the advantages it can have if taught to the students. This report would be used by the Board to enhance the skills of these teachers by providing necessary training to them. Central Board of Secondary Education will be arranging the facility of workshops and seminars for the teachers teaching skill development subjects across the Country. Experts in the same field will be requested to teach the teachers about the subjects. This way the teachers will be up-to-date with the latest happenings in the field and can train the students accordingly. The students will then be able to acquire the skills efficiently. Having just a degree in such a competitive time isn’t sufficient. One should always try to learn as many skills as one can. Skill Development is the sector in which government is giving great importance to and have also released quite huge amounts to be spent on these skills. Skill Development will always help to upgrade oneself in daily life and prevent monotony. Always try to learn new skills and use them to upgrade your life. We have listed all the skilled subjects proposed by CBSE for the students from 2021 onwards.


Skill subjects for Class 9th and 10th

  • Retail
  • Information Technology
  • Security
  • Automotive
  • Introduction to Financial Markets
  • Introduction to Tourism
  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Agriculture
  • Food Production
  • Front Office Operations
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Healthcare
  • Apparel
  • Multimedia
  • Multi skill foundation course
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Physical activity trainer
  • Data science

Skill subjects for Class 11th and 12th

  • Retail
  • Information Technology
  • Web Application
  • Automotive
  • Financial Markets Management
  • Tourism
  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Agriculture
  • Food production
  • Front office operations
  • banking
  • marketing
  • healthcare
  • insurance
  • horticulture
  • typography
  • geospatial technology
  • electrical technology
  • electronic technology
  • multimedia
  • Taxation Assistant
  • Tax Consultant / GST Accounts Assistant
  • Cost Accounting Jr. Accountant
  • Office Procedures & Practices Executive Assistant
  • Shorthand (English) Stenographer
  • Shorthand (Hindi) Stenographer
  • Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Service Technician
  • Medical Diagnostics Medical Lab Technician
  • Textile Design Assistant (Apparel/ Textile)
  • Design Assistant Designer
  • Salesmanship Sales Executive
  • Business Administration Business Executive
  • Food Nutrition & Dietetics Assistant Dietician
  • Mass Media Studies Media Assistant
  • Library & Information Science Library Assistant
  • Fashion Studies Assistant Fashion Designer
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Early Childhood Care & Education Early Childhood Educator
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science (New)

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FAQ’S on skill development CBSE

1. What is a skill certificate CBSE?
The certificate offered by CBSE upon completion of a skill-based subject examination to a student is the skill certificate by CBSE.

2. What is a skill-based subject in CBSE?

Skill-based subjects are the subjects which increase our knowledge in different fields apart from the regular subjects like Maths, Science, Social studies, etc.

3. What is skill education?

The education provided to the students by the teachers as directed by CBSE, in skilled subjects is skill education. The students are taught life skills which one needs in everyday life and will later help them to survive in the real world.

4. When did CBSE start skill as a subject?

CBSE has started skill subjects from Class 6 onwards. These skilled subjects are taught by subject experts to the students and have separate theory and practical exams just like the other subjects.

5.What is the benefit of the additional subject in class 10 2020?

The benefit of the additional subject in Class 10 2021 is that it helps the students to increase the overall percentage along with learning real-life skills. If a student has fewer marks for a subject then that subject is replaced by the skilled subject marks which increases the total percentage of the student in Class 10.

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