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CBSE Launches Cartoon Series To Promote Competency-Based Learning

CBSE Launches Cartoon Series: In order to promote competency-based learning, the Central Board for Secondary Education has launched two different cartoon series in the form of books. Both of these series have been developed by the CBSE in collaboration with the Central Square Foundation, New Delhi, and aim to promote competency-based learning in the students. Check | CBSE Class 12th Improvement Results 2020 (Released): Apply For Verification

The names of these cartoon series are “The Question Book” and “Cogito,” and they impart clarity regarding various complex concepts in the form of a conversation between two protagonists, Ankit and Ankita. Check | NCERT Solutions

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While launching these cartoon series, an official from CBSE stated that “To focus on the importance of these competencies, the Central Board of Secondary education in collaboration with Central Square Foundation, New Delhi is bringing out two cartoon series namely ‘Cogito’ and ‘The Question book’ to promote them through joyful reading.” Check | CBSE Syllabus 2020-21 Revised For New Academic Session

Details About The Cartoon Series Shared by The CBSE

The series “Cogito” revolves around the conversations between Ankit and Ankita wherein they explore different processes of learning as well as understanding a problem. They also discuss various techniques in this series as to how to understand the truth about something. While the focus of the other series, “The Question Book,” is on exploring the process of problem-solving. Herein, Ankit and Ankita both explore the various steps that are involved in the process of solving different problems. Check | NCERT Solutions For Class 9

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An official from CBSE, while explaining the expected benefits from both these books, further added that “Learning and understanding the process of problem-solving and recognizing its patterns is a lifelong activity and a skill that can be applied both in personal and professional lives.” Both these cartoon series are available for download on the official website of CBSE as well as the Diksha portal. The students must log-on to either of these two platforms to download these series and use them to improve their learning experiences. The CBSE also added that both these series will also be a good learning resource for PISA 2022. 



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