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CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2022- 23

Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2023

CBSE (Central Board Of Secondary Education)  has introduced Sample Papers for students of classes 10 and 12 Board. These Sample papers are on its official website. Students can also download the sample papers from here given below.
CBSE has introduced sample papers for all the subjects according to the layout of the question paper which CBSE is going to implement in this session 2022-23. This time, CBSE has introduced only one term examination, which will be conducted at the end of the year in March- February 2023.
In this article, we have covered the CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper. The students must solve CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper which is given on this page and bookmark this page to get all the latest updates from CBSE regarding CBSE Annual Exam.

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Informatics Practices Class 12 Sample Paper 2022-23- Questions with Answers



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Informatics Practices Class 12 Sample Paper 2023 PART A

1. Television cable network is an example of:
i. LAN
ii. WAN
iii. MAN
iv. Internet

2. Which of the following is not a type of cyber crime?
i. Data theft
ii. Installing antivirus for protection
iii. Forgery
iv. Cyber bullying

3. What is an example of e-waste?
i. A ripened mango
ii. Unused old shoes
iii. Unused old computers
iv. Empty cola cans

4. Which type of values will not be considered by SQL while executing the following statement?

SELECT COUNT(column name) FROM inventory;

i. Numeric value
ii. text value
iii. Null value
iv. Date value

5. If column “Fees” contains the data set (5000,8000,7500,5000,8000), what will be the output after the execution of the given query?

i. 20500
ii. 10000
iii. 20000
iv. 33500

6. ‘O’ in FOSS stands for:
i. Outsource
ii. Open
iii. Original
iv. Outstanding

7. Which SQL statement do we use to find out the total number of records present in the table ORDERS?


8. Which one of the following is not an aggregate function?
i. ROUND()
ii. SUM()
iii. COUNT()
iv. AVG()

9. Which one of the following functions is used to find the largest value from the given data in MySQL?
i. MAX( )
ii. MAXIMUM( )
iii. BIG( )
iv. LARGE( )

10. To display last five rows of a series object ‘S’, you may write:
i. S.Head()
ii. S.Tail(5)
iii. S.Head(5)
iv. S.tail()

11. Which of the following statement will import pandas library?
i. Import pandas as pd
ii. import Pandas as py
iii. import pandas as pd
iv. import panda as pd

12. Which of the following can be used to specify the data while creating a DataFrame?
i. Series
ii. List of Dictionaries
iii. Structured ndarray
iv. All of these

13. Which amongst the following is not an example of a browser?
i. Chrome
ii. Firefox
iii. Avastiv. Edge

14. In SQL, which function is used to display current date and time?
i. Date ()
ii. Time ()
iii. Current ()
iv. Now ()

15. Legal term to describe the rights of a creator of original creative or artistic work is:
i. Copyright
ii. Copyleft
iii. GPLiv. FOSS

16. is the trail of data we leave behind when we visit any website (or use any online application or portal) to fill-in data or perform any transaction.
i. Offline phishing
ii. Offline footprint
iii. Digital footprint
iv. Digital phishing

17. Assertion (A): – Internet cookies are text files that contain small pieces of data, like a username, password and user’s preferences while surfing the internet.

Reasoning (R):- To make browsing the Internet faster & easier, its required to store certain information on the server’s computer.

18. Assertion (A):- DataFrame has both a row and column index.

Reasoning (R): – A DataFrame is a two-dimensional labelled data structure like a table of MySQL.

Informatics Practices Class 12 Sample Paper 2023 PART B

19. Explain the terms Web page and Home Page.

Mention any four networking goals.

20. Rashmi, a database administrator needs to display house wise total number of records of ‘Red’ and ‘Yellow’ house. She is encountering an error while executing the following query:


Help her in identifying the reason of the error and write the correct query by suggesting the possible correction (s).

21. What is the purpose of Order By clause in SQL? Explain with the help of suitable example.

22. Write a program to create a series object using a dictionary that stores the number of students in each house of class 12D of your school.

Note: Assume four house names are Beas, Chenab, Ravi and Satluj having 18, 2, 20, 18 students respectively and pandas library has been imported as pd.

23. List any four benefits of e-waste management.
Mention any four net etiquettes.

24. What will be the output of the following code:
>>>import pandas as pd

25. Carefully observe the following code:

import pandas as pd Year1={‘Q1′:5000,’Q2′:8000,’Q3′:12000,’Q4’: 18000}
Year2={‘A’ :13000,’B’:14000,’C’:12000}
totSales={1:Year1,2:Year2} df=pd.DataFrame(totSales) print(df)

Answer the following:

i. List the index of the DataFrame df
ii. List the column names of DataFrame df.

Informatics Practices Class 12 Sample Paper 2023 PART C

26. Write outputs for SQL queries (i) to (iii) which are based on the given table PURCHASE:

27. Write a Python code to create a DataFrame with appropriate column headings from the list given below:

[[101,’Gurman’,98],[102,’Rajveer’,95],[103,’Samar’ ,96],[104,’Yuvraj’,88]]

28. Consider the given DataFrame ‘Stock’:

Name Price

            Name                                          Price

          0 Nancy Drew                               150

          1 Hardy boys                                180

          2 Diary of a wimpy kid                 225

          3 Harry Potter                              500

Write suitable Python statements for the following:
i. Add a column called Special_Price with the following data: [135,150,200,440].
ii. Add a new book named ‘The Secret’ having price 800.
iii. Remove the column Special_Price.
29. Nadar has recently shifted to a new city and school. She does not know many people in her new city and school. But all of a sudden, someone is posting negative, demeaning comments on her social networking profile etc. She is also getting repeated mails from unknown people. Every time she goes online, she finds someone chasing her online.

i. What is this happening to Nadar?
ii. What immediate action should she take to handle it?
iii. Is there any law in India to handle such issues? Discuss briefly.

What do you understand by plagiarism? Why is it a punishable offence? Mention any two ways to avoid plagiarism.

30. Based on table STUDENT given here, write suitable SQL queries for the following:

i. Display gender wise highest marks.
ii. Display city wise lowest marks.
iii. Display total number of male and female students.
Discuss the significance of Group by clause in detail with the help of suitable example.

Informatics Practices Class 12 Sample Paper 2023 PART D

31. Write suitable SQL query for the following:
i. Display 7 characters extracted from 7th left character onwards from the string ‘INDIA SHINING’.
ii. Display the position of occurrence of string ‘COME’ in the string ‘WELCOME WORLD’.
iii. Round off the value 23.78 to one decimal place.
iv. Display the remainder of 100 divided by 9.
v. Remove all the expected leading and trailing spaces from a column userid of the table ‘USERS’.
Explain the following SQL functions using suitable examples.
i. UCASE()
ii. TRIM()
iii. MID()
v. POWER()

32. Prime Computer services Ltd. is an international educational organization. It is planning to set up its India campus at Mumbai with its head office in Delhi. The Mumbai office campus has four main buildings-ADMIN, ACCOUNTS, EXAMINATION and RESULT. You as a network expert have to suggest the best network related solutions for their problems raised in (i) to (v), keeping in mind the distances between the buildings and other given parameters.

(i) Suggest the most appropriate location of the server inside the MUMBAI campus (out of the four buildings) to get the best connectivity for maximum number of computers. Justify your answer.
(ii) Suggest and draw cable layout to efficiently connect various buildings within the MUMBAI campus for a wired connectivity.
(iii) Which networking device will you suggest to be procured by the company to interconnect all the computers of various buildings of MUMBAI campus?
(iv) Company is planning to get its website designed which will allow students to see their results after registering themselves on its server. Out of the static or dynamic, which type of website will you suggest?
(v) Which of the following will you suggest to establish the online face to face communication between the people in the ADMIN office of Mumbai campus and Delhi head office?
a) Cable TV
b) Email
c) Video conferencing
d) Text chat

33. Write Python code to plot a bar chart for India’s medal tally as shown below:


Also give suitable python statement to save this chart.
Write a python program to plot a line chart based on the given data to depict the changing weekly average temperature in Delhi for four weeks.


34. Shreya, a database administrator has designed a database for a clothing shop.
Help her by writing answers of the following questions based on the given

i. Write a query to display cloth names in lower case.
ii. Write a query to display the lowest price of the cloths.
iii. Write a query to count total number of cloths purchased of medium

OR (Option for part iii only)

Write a query to count year wise total number of cloths purchased.
35. Mr. Som, a data analyst has designed the DataFrame df that contains data about Computer Olympiad with ‘CO1’, ‘CO2’, ‘CO3’, ‘CO4’, ‘CO5’ as indexes shown below. Answer the following questions:

A. Predict the output of the following python statement:
i. df.shape
ii. df[2:4]
B. Write Python statement to display the data of Topper column of indexes CO2 to CO4.
OR (Option for part iii only)
Write Python statement to compute and display the difference of data of Tot_students column and First_Runnerup column of the above given DataFrame.

CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2022-23 PDF Download


Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2022-23 Marking Scheme


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Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper 2023- FAQs

Q. Do the exam evaluators give marks based on a good presentation on the answer sheet?
Ans: No, there is no provision to give marks for a good presentation. However, students should concentrate on writing well-structured, neat, and highlighted answers. Students can also see the CBSE toppers answer sheet to learn how to write an answer.

Q. Is it important to write down all I learn as I study for the CBSE Class 12 board exam?
Ans: No, it is not necessary to write everything down, making notes of the most important information will help you to understand the chapter and boost your confidence.

Q.Will questions directly ask from the CBSE Class 12 board sample papers?
Ans: You can better understand the format, structure, and question kinds using CBSE 12th sample papers. Any topic in the syllabus may be included in exam questions.


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