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CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2025 with Solution

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2025

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2025 is designed to prepare students for the upcoming Board exams 2024-25. The official CBSE Business Studies Sample Question Paper 2025 will be released in July 2024 ( Tentative). The more students practice this type of exam-level practice paper their chances of qualifying for the final exam and higher marks will increase. Performance in this mock paper generally decides how much they need to push their studies.

Business Studies Class 12 Sample Paper 2025 Benefits

The Business Studies Class 12 Sample Paper 2025 benefits the students in many ways –

  • Practicing the CBSE sample paper clears their idea about the paper pattern and difficulty level.
  • It also helps students to know the marks distribution of the question.
  • Students who attempt this paper within the given time limit can improve their time management skills.
  • Candidates also identify their weak areas and strong points, this guide them to improve their marks.

Class 12 Business Studies Question Paper with Solution: Pattern

Check out the Class 12 Business Studies Question paper pattern below.

  1. This Business Studies class 12 sample question paper includes 34 questions.
  2. Marks are assigned to each question.
  3. Your responses should be to the point.
  4. Answers to three-mark questions may range from 50 to 75 words. Q21-24 are worth 3 marks each.
  5. Please answers to four-mark questions may be approximately 150 words long. Q25 to Q30 are worth 4 points apiece.
  6. Answers to six-mark questions may be as long as 200 words. Q31-Q34 are worth 6 marks each. Attempt all portions of the questions together.

Business Studies Class 12 Sample Paper PDF

Students looking for good Business Studies Class 12 sample papers with solutions should download the Practice paper PDF prepared by our skilled subject matter experts. These sample questions will test the knowledge of the students.

PDF Link
CBSE Business Studies Sample Paper 2025 PDF with Solution

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Question Paper 2025

We have presented the Class 12 Business Studies Question Paper 2025 here. You can get the full practice paper in the pdf .


1.Harshit works as a production manager in Awadh emporium. He has been given the task of getting 780 units of denim jeans manufactured at the cost of ₹450 per unit within 10 days. In order to be acknowledged as an effective manager, he must ensure that __________.

(a) The cost of production is more than ₹450 per unit

(b) The work is completed within 10 days even at higher cost per unit

(c) The cost of production is less than ₹450 per unit

(d) All of these

2. Harish Enterprises Limited is planning to increase its sales by 20% in the next year.  Identify the feature of management being highlighted in the given statement.

(a) Management is all pervasive

(b) Management is a goal-oriented process

(c) Management is a continuous process

(d) All of these

3. In 2020, Zomato has launched operations in many more towns and cities. Zomato follows a two-step sequence while expanding to a small town. First, it provides more laborious training to restaurants and delivery partners compared to their counterparts in the city. Second, it focuses on building scale in operations and increase the restaurant’s reach to a larger base of consumers, including optimizing kitchens, resource planning among others.

Which type of plan is described in the given paragraph.

(a) Method

(b) Strategy

(c) Programme

(d) Procedure

4. William is striving to earn a profit margin of 24% in the current financial year. Which of the following type of a plan is described in the above statement?

(a) Method

(b) Objective

(c) Strategy

(d) Programme

Directions for Questions 5 and 6 : Answer the following questions on the basis of the information given below :

Mr. Nath, a recently appointed production manager of Suntech Ltd. has decided to produce jute bags instead of plastic bags as these are banned by the government. He set a target of producing 1000 jute bags a day. It was reported that the employees were not able to achieve the target. Mr. Nath’s behavior is good towards the employees. His attitude is always positive. So he announced various incentive schemes for the employees like. – installing award or certificate for best performance. – Rewarding an employee for giving valuable suggestions. – Congratulating the employees for good performance. 

Q5. Identify the functions of management highlighted in the above paragraph. 

(a) Planning, Organising

(b) Staffing, Controlling

(c) Directing, Controlling

(d) Planning, Staffing

Q6. State the ‘incentive’ under which the employees are motivated.

(a) Employee recognition programme

(b) Organisational climate

(c) Job security

(d) Employees participation


Q7. Pooja went to the grocery store to buy monthly grocery goods. She purchased items as per her requirement. She insisted the seller to give her a discount of 15% as every seller offers the same Which consumer responsibility is fulfilled by her?

(a) Buy only standardised goods. 

(b) Read labels carefully

(c) Assert yourself to ensure that you get a fair deal 

(d) Be honest in your dealings

Q8. Which of the following is not a function of Consumer Protection Councils?

(a) To create awareness of consumer rights among consumers

(b) To guide consumers on how to file cases in consumer courts

(c) To provide compensation to consumers when they are cheated by shopkeepers

(d) To represent consumers in consumer courts at times 

Q9. Raghunath, a beekeeper since November 2021 is now part of the growing tribe of at least 50 urban dwellers across Maharashtra raising bees and harvesting honey in their balconies, rooftops and back gardens. As he had been focussed on eating right the thought of domesticating honey bees to promote healthy consumption habits and seeing honey being cultivated right before his eyes was mesmerising for him.

Identify the factor constituting the general environment being discussed above.

(a) Economic Environment 

(b) Social Environment

(c) Technological Environment

(d) Political Environment

Q10. Among the following which one is not a component of a specific forces of business environment?

(a) Technology 

(b) Customers

(c) Investors 


Mr. Raman, Head of production department dealing in winter garment company, called for a meeting of all the subordinates and communicated the objectives as the peak season of winter garment are coming, now he is establishing authority- responsibility relationship between superior and subordinates to avoid any delay.

Which of the following function of management highlighted in the given case?

(a) Organising

(b) Controlling

(c) Directing

(d) Staffing

Q12. Among the following, which is an obligation to perform certain functions and achieve certain results?

(a) responsibility.

(b) decentralisation.

(c) centralisation.

(d) delegation.

Q13. Rumours and gossips are which type of communication?

(a) downward communication.

(b) upward communication.

(c) horizontal communication.

(d) informal communication.

Q14. Employees are given share in the profit of the company in recognition to their efforts in increasing the profit of the company. Identify the type of incentive with specific name.

(a) Financial, productivity linked wage

(b) Financial, profit sharing

(c) Non-financial, employee recognition

(d) Non-financial, status

Q15. Among the following, which is not a marketing mix?

(a) Product

(b) Physical distribution

(c) Product pricing

(d) Production process

Q16. Which of the following marketing mix activity is associated with Newsletters, catalogues, and invitations to organization-sponsored events?

(a) Pricing

(b) Distribution

(c) Product development

(d) Promotion

Q17. This form of primary market floatation involves requesting subscriptions from the general public to participate in a company’s securities through the publication of advertisements-

(a) Private placement 

(b) Offer through a prospectus 

(c) Offer for sale 

(d) All of the above

Q18. Which of the following statements about the stock exchange is false?

(a) It acts as a marketplace for the purchase and sale of new securities. 

(b) It reduces the securities marketability. 

(c) It increases the liquidity of the securities by offering a ready market. 

(d) It acts as a marketplace for the purchase and sale of old securities.

There are two statements marked as Assertion (A) and Reason (R).

Read the statements and choose the appropriate option from the options given below

Assertion (A) : Management is a continuous process.

Reason (R) : Organisation’s existence is based on objectives and management is the process which unites the efforts of every individuals to achieve the goal.

(a) Both Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are true and Reason (R) is the correct explanation of Assertion (A)

(b) Both Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are true, but Reason (R) is not the correct explanation of Assertion (A)

(c) Assertion (A) is true, but Reason (R) is false

(d) Assertion (A) is false, but Reason (R) is true

Q20. There are two statements marked as Assertion (A) and Reason (R).

Read the statements and choose the appropriate option from the options given below

Assertion (A) : Management helps the individuals to achieve goals.

Reason (R) : Personal Objectives includes consistently creating benefits or economic value for various constituents of the society.

(a) Both Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are true and Reason (R) is the correct explanation of Assertion (A)

(b) Both Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are true, but Reason (R) is not the correct explanation of Assertion (A)

(c) Assertion (A) is true, but Reason (R) is false

(d) Assertion (A) is false, but Reason (R) is true

Q21. Name and explain the principle of management which requires judicious application of penalties by management. 

Q22. Explain any three features of Directing.

Q23. Your grandfather has retired from an organization in which he is responsible for implementing the plans developed by top level management. At which level is he working and also state two functions of this level of management?

Q24. “In today’s commercial world, the Stock exchange performs many vital functions which lead the investor towards positive environment”. Explain how by giving three reasons. 

Q25. (a) A rise in price of silk by 10% was taken very seriously by:

(i) A cloth manufacturing business                    (ii) An iron and steel firm

Are both correct? Name and explain the concept involved. 

(b) Explain ‘Improving Employee Motivation’ as an importance of controlling. 

Q26. With the increasing use of internet, now-a-days majority of recruiting activity is done electronically. Many employers use online tests to select suitable candidates. These are commonly used to reduce a long list of potential applicants to a smaller number of applicants who can progress to further selection activities. 

(a) Identify the method of recruitment which is being used by companies. 

(b) Explain any three merits which the companies enjoy by using such method of recruitment.  

Q27. Explain the steps involved in the process of organising.

Q28. The most feasible, profitable and with least negative consequences alternative is finalized.” Identify the step of planning process highlighted here and explain the previous two steps identified above.

Q29. To tackle the uncertainty in respect of availability and timings of funds what is required? Name the concept and explain its three points of importance. Q30. Raman, the General Manager of Skyline Ltd. is very popular among his subordinates. His affectionate behaviour make the workers to follow his instructions willingly. He always his subordinates by gently communicating and giving them corrective measures. He always recognizes and appreciates his subordinates for outstanding performance and acknowledge them in a monthly official meeting. 

(a) Identify and explain the tool used by Raman to motivate his subordinates.  

(b) Name and state two more incentives which can be used to motivate his subordinates. 

Q31. Define Labelling and explain its functions. 

Q32. Rajni opens a jewellery showroom in Karol Bagh Market, Delhi after completing a course in jewellery designing. She has employed fifteen persons in the showroom. For greater productivity, she divides the work into small tasks and each employee is trained to his/her specialised job. All the employees directly report to Rajni and receives instructions from only Rajni so there is no confusion in work.

In the earlier days of starting the business five of her employees were asked to put in extra hours of work. In return she had promised to give them a special incentive within a year. After six months, when the business was doing well she awarded a cash bonus to each of these employees. However, when it comes to setting conflicts among her employees, she tends to be more biased towards female employees. She allows the female employees to directly communicate with her without following the prescribed lines of communication. 

Identify and state the principles of management that are being followed and violated by Payal.

Q33. Sakshi runs a factory wherein she manufactures shoes. The business has been doing well and she intends to expand by diversifying into leather bags as well as western formal wear, thereby making her company a complete provider of corporate wear. She has also decided to employ more workforce for his factory from under privileged sections of the society. Also she decides to employ women holding fashion designer diploma in her factory for designing western formal wear. This will enable her to market her business unit as the one shop for working women.

(a) Suggest a suitable organisation structure for the company.

(b) Also state any three advantages and two disadvantages of this type of organization. 

Q34. Explain any four product related factors which affect the choice of channels of distribution. 

Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper Solution


S1. Ans. (b)

S2. Ans. (b)

S3. Ans. (b)

S4. Ans. (b)

S5. Ans. (c)

S6. Ans. (a)

S7. Ans. (c)

S8. Ans. (c)

S9. Ans. (b)

S10. Ans. (a)

S11. Ans. (a)

S12. Ans. (a)

S13. Ans. (d)

S14. Ans. (b)

S15. Ans. (d)

S16. Ans. (d)

S17. Ans. (b)

S18. Ans. (b)

S19. Ans. (b)

S20. Ans. (c)

S21. Ans. Sol.

Discipline: Is the obedience to organizational rules and employment agreement, which are necessary for the working of the organisation. Discipline requires good supervisors at all levels, clear and fair agreements and judicious application of penalties. A manger can present a good example to his subordinates by disciplining himself. Discipline is essential for smooth running of organisation. For eg. If the company has entered into an agreement with employees about their wages for four years then the company should honour it. Similarly the employees should also honour the commitment made by them.

S22. Ans. Sol. 

(i) Directing initiates action- Directing is considered to be most important function of management. A manager has to perform this function along with planning, organising, staffing and controlling while performing his duties in the organisation. While other functions prepare a base or setting for action, directing initiate or start action in the organisation.

(ii) Directing is a continuous process- Directing is not a one time activity, it is on ongoing process. A manager cannot just rest after issuing orders and instructions. He must guide, supervise and motivate his subordinates on continuous basis. He must continuously take steps to ensure that the orders and instructions are carried out properly and the performance is according to standards. The function of directing goes on throughout the lifetime of the organisation.

(iii) Directing takes place at every level– Directing is pervasive function as it is performed by all members at all levels of the organisation. However, the time spent on directing is comparatively more at supervisory level of management. Directing takes place where superior-subordinate relation exist. 

S23. Ans.

Sol. He is working at middle level management.

(a) They ensure department has necessary personnel.

(b) To motivate employees for higher productivity and rewarding them for their better performance.

S24. Ans. Sol. 

(i) Economic barometer– A stock exchange is a reliable barometer to measure the economic condition of a country. Every major change in country and economy is reflected in the prices of shares. The rise or fall in the share prices indicates the boom or recession cycle of the economy. Stock exchange is also known as a pulse of economy or economic mirror which reflects the economic conditions of a country. 

Full Solution is included in the PDF

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