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CBSE Class 10 Question Bank

CBSE Class 10 Question Bank 2021

CBSE Class 10 Question Bank 2021 is available here. CBSE Class 10th is the first milestone that a student has to conquer over to burst the 12th boards’ stress myth. Class 10th boards give the students a taste of what to anticipate from board examinations and the buzz surrounding them. However, class 12th boards are crucial in terms of employment and higher education. While class 12 exams differ from class 10 exams in many respects, the excitement around the boards persists. Moreover, the class 10 examinations serve as a warm-up for the class 12 tests.

Currently, the board has issued question banks for a few subjects and may do so for others soon. The board’s subject-specific CBSE Question Bank provides key questions that will aid in the preparation for future CBSE board exams.
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CBSE Class 10 Question Bank: English

CBSE Class 10 Question Bank 2021 is free to download. CBSE has released Exemplar questions resource for current 10th class students in English Language and Literature to assist instructors in their efforts to move away from a culture of rote learning and toward impact pedagogy in the classroom. Exemplar questions have been prepared for each chapter of both books.

This resource includes all NCERT chapters and gives all of its topics in the form of significant questions and answers, all of which are aligned with the latest CBSE curriculum and paper format.

Students can prepare for these, from this question bank as provided by CBSE, for the subject, English Language and Literature:

  • Questions based on passages
  • Questions based on poems
  • Questions based on extracts
  • Questions with very brief answers
  • Questions that require a quick response
  • Questions that require a long response

Subject CBSE Class 10 Question Bank PDF
English PDF
Mathematics PDF
Science PDF


CBSE Class 10 Question Bank: Maths

Mathematics is a technical topic that demands a lot of practice. Question Banks are the best option for this to help students prep well. Students should be given access to all accessible resources for practice.

The following Class 10 Maths Chapters are included in the Question Bank:

  • Real Numbers
  • Polynomials
  • Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Arithmetic Progressions
  • Triangles
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Trigonometry Class 10 question bank pdf
  • Some Applications of Trigonometry
  • Circles
  • Constructions
  • Areas Related to Circles
  • Surface Areas and Volumes
  • Statistics
  • Probability


CBSE Class 10 Question Bank: Science

Science is a difficult subject for many students, which can impair their total performance on the Board exams. The easiest method to acquire confidence when preparing for a Board exam is to practise as many questions as possible.

CBSE Class 10th Question Bank for Science includes chapter-specific questions as well as questions from prior exams. Using the CBSE Class 10 Science Question Bank might help you prepare for your CBSE 10th Science test faster.


CBSE Class 10th Question Bank: Significance

Question banks are an excellent approach to collect a variety of questions in one spot. They make it simple for teachers and students to complete their assignments. Students will have more practice if teachers can ask new and unusual questions to their students.


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What is a Question Bank?

The question banks provide you a sense of the exam format and types of questions that will appear on the board exams.

Why should we solve question banks?

Question banks are useful, because:

  • Every subject develops a solid comprehension and in-depth notion in the mind of a student.
  • Acquire a better understanding of the new terminology and concepts.
  • Managing time will improve after completing numerous questions from the Question Bank.
  • After you’ve finished the syllabus, you can go through all of the topics again to get the most out of the question bank.
  • Subject knowledge will significantly improve.
  • Boosts confidence and accuracy.

What is CBSE class 10th Question Bank?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) releases a Question Bank for Class 10th students to practise with, to assess their grasp of a topic by utilising a large number of questions and alternative answers for revision.

What is the difference between Sample Questions and Question Banks?

The sample paper will give you an idea of how the board test paper would seem. As the name implies, a question bank contains a large number of possible questions that could appear on the boards but not in a test format.

What is the difference between a Guide Book and Question Bank?

Question bank is a book in which many schools question papers can be found. it helps us to practice. Guide book is a reference book, which can help us by giving many other types of information as well.

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