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CBSE Board Exam 2021 Latest News- Class 12 Practical Exams to be held online, Extends Date

Today’s CBSE board exam 2021 latest news

CBSE Notice About Practical Exams 2021

After the decision to cancel CBSE Board Exams 2021, students and parents were worried, about what criteria the officials will be allocating the marks. Recently, clearing all doubts CBSE has announced that a small percentage of marks will be based on the internal assessment marks which are to be submitted by the schools. CBSE schools all over India will be submitting the internal marks of each student to the Central Board of Secondary Education.

The marks are to be uploaded to the CBSE website. Previously the last date of submission of the marks by the schools to the Board was declared to be June 11. But many schools haven’t been able to conduct the internal exams this year, which is why the Board has decided to extend the date for submission of marks. The Board officials have instructed the schools to conduct the internals online and submit the marks latest by June 28.

Schools that were not assigned external examiners can conduct the internal exams with the subject-related teacher of the school. In schools where the externals are allocated, the external and internal examiners will mutually decide the exam date and conduct viva-voce for the students of Class 12 who were supposed to attend the Board exams 2021.

The decided date will be informed to the students accordingly by the Internal Examiner and on exam day, the link to Google meet or zoom will be shared with the students. The students will be allocated batch-wise timings so that the exam can be conducted smoothly. Students are supposed to be ready at least 5 minutes before the time given for them to join, respectively.


Students are supposed to arrange for a proper internet connection and web camera so that there is no network issue while the exam is being conducted. They are also advised to inform the family members well ahead of time so that there are no external disturbances while the viva voce continues.

This decision comes after a lot of speculations which has been going on from the starting of April 2021. The cancellation of Board exams 2021 has brought great relief for students protesting all over social media. They can now prepare well for the viva voce exams along with their entrance exams for different streams.

The date sheet for NEET and JEE is supposed to release next week, which are the entrance exams conducted for admission to MBBS and B.Tech. As soon as the decision comes, we will be updating the students through our website. Keep checking regularly to get real-time information.

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CBSE Notice About Practical Exams


1.     When is the last date for submission of internal marks by school authorities to CBSE?

June 28, is decided to be the last date for submission of marks by school authorities to CBSE.

2.     How will the internals be conducted?

Internals will be conducted in online mode for the year 2021.

3.     Is external examiners allocated to all the schools?

No external examiner has been allocated to few schools. Others can conduct internals with the respective subject teachers for the schools.

4.     How can I score full marks in the viva-voce?

You can score full marks by practicing and revising the topics for the subjects included in your viva syllabus

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