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CBSE Board Exam 2021 Latest News: About Final Decision on Marks & CBSE Important Dates

CBSE Board Exam 2021 Latest News: The final decision on Board Exams Marks by CBSE

Central Board of Secondary Education had finalized the marks criteria for Class 12 students. The marks will be allotted to the students based on the 30:30:40 criteria. It means that 30 percent marks will be based on the result of Final Exams of Class 10, another 30 percent marks will be based on the result of Final Exams of Class 11 and the remaining 40 percent will be on the pre-boards marks held by different schools for the Class 12 students. This criterion has been submitted to the Supreme Court of India on 17th June 2021. This criterion was decided upon by the 13 member committee formed by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

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CBSE Board Exam 2021 Latest News: How will Board Ensure Uniformity of Class 11, 10 Marks Across Schools?

Attorney General on behalf of the Central Board of Secondary Education suggested that the students should be allotted marks based upon the average of marks scored in the pre-Boards of Class 12, along with the final exam marks of Class 10 and Class 11. He proposed this alternative for the theory part of the subjects and the practical marks will be submitted by the schools to the Board. Attorney General further suggested that for Class 10 and Class 11, the marks in the best of three out of 5 papers should be considered. Also, for Class 12 the marks of unit test, term, and practical’s will be taken into consideration. The resulting committee will be present to check the advantage few students get from schools by receiving high marks. This year, to not give the students an unfair advantage the resulting committee will thoroughly be checking the results of students who are scoring high in Class 12 Boards before the results are published. The final result for Class 12 is expected to be declared by July 31, 2021.

The Central Board of Secondary Education had earlier decided to include Class 9 marks too for the evaluation of Final Marks. Following which a principal of a renowned CBSE School had written a letter to the CBSE. The letter requested the Board not to include Class 9 marks as there might be a great change in a student’s marks and maturity level that would have taken place. The 13 member committee then decided not to include Class 9 for the evaluation of the mark. If any candidate is not satisfied with the marks given by CBSE after evaluating based upon the given order of evaluation, then CBSE will be giving the student another chance to appear in the Board Exams once the Covid-19 situation of the country subsides.

CBSE will be informing the schools of each of the students of the marks they have awarded. Students will be able to collect the final mark sheet from respective schools once CBSE releases official notification. CBSE will also be providing an online facility to the schools where the school authorities can check the marks distribution for each student. And if the school finds any mismatch during the checking, then they may inform the CBSE. And CBSE will be taking the required actions to change the allocated marks. If any candidate has not appeared in the final internal assessment for Class 12, then for such students schools will be allowed to take one-on-one telephonic viva/exam which will be recorded with digital evidence to be submitted to CBSE.

CBSE will be taking the final decision for such students based on the evidence it receives. CISCE will also be announcing the results soon. For the calculation of the results, they too will be taking the same criterion as set by CBSE. The only difference is CISCE will consider the result of the past six years instead of the past 3 years, as earlier stated by the Central Board of Secondary Education. CBSE earlier too proposed conducting the exams in a controlled environment, where all the necessary precautions will be taken to avoid the spread of the virus. But then, on 1st June 2021, Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, after a meeting with the high officials declared to cancel the CBSE Board Exams for Class 12.


CBSE Board Exam 2021 Latest News: About CBSE Class 12 Important dates

Serial Number Activity Last date
By the School
1 Formation of the result committee by school By 23 June 2021
2 To note subject wise maximum marks of the subjects offered by the schools By 23 June 2021
3 Identification of the students if changed their subject(s) in Class XII with the approval of CBSE By 23 June 2021
4 Availability of the marks of Class 10 from board other than CBSE. By 23 June 2021
5 Availability of the marks of Class XI if student has passed Class XI from any other school By 23 June 2021
6 Finalization of the roadmap and schedule by the committee By 30 June 2021
7 Finalization of the result after moderation and checking by schools. By 15 July 2021
8 Uploading of the marks on Boards link By 15 July 2021
1 Provision of subject wise, school wise distribution of marks as per previous Board exams by CBSE By 28 June 2021
2 Availability of Portal for uploading of marks By 08 July 2021
3 Declaration of result by CBSE By 31 July 2021


Note: Schools should not be waiting till the last date to complete the formalities and should complete faster based upon the enrolled number of students in Class XII.

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FAQ’S Based on CBSE Board Exam 2021 Latest News for Class 12

1.     How is the 12th class percentage calculated?

12th Percentage is calculated using the formula given in the article for the academic year 2020 -2021

2.     What percentage is good for 12?

It depends from individual to individual. But to be on the safer side, anything more than 88% is considered to be good.

3.     How is the 12th CGPA calculated?

12TH CGPA is calculated by adding 5 subject marks and by dividing it by 5.

4.     What percentage is 10 CGPA?

10 CGPA Is 100% is calculated on a scale of 10

5.     What is a CGPA score?

CGPA score is a cumulative score of all the subjects.



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