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CBSE Assessment Scheme 2022-23 For Board Exams

CBSE Assessment Scheme 2022-23

CBSE Annual Exams Come back, but Exam Pattern Changed. The Assessment Scheme 2022–23 has been made public by the Central Board of Secondary Education, or CBSE. For the assessment year 2022–2023, also known as the 10th and 12th Board Exams 2023, CBSE has officially announced its decision to return to the annual examination of pre covid schedule. The exam format for the board exams for classes 10, and 12 has also been changed by the board.

The board announced that there would only be one term or one board examination for this academic year in a circular issued to the affiliated schools (as was the norm earlier). The final exams would cover the whole curriculum (as per the CBSE Curriculum 2022-23).

However, there have been changes to the exam format. Question papers for the CBSE 10th Board Exams in 2023 would include 40% MCQs (multiple choice questions). 20% of the questions would be competency-based, and the remaining 40% would be subjective or short/long response questions. For Class 12, the breakdown would be 50% long/short type responses, 30% competency-based questions, and 20% objective or MCQ questions. The table below provides a summary of the same.

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CBSE Assessment Scheme 2022-23 for CBSE Board Exams 2023: Exam Pattern

Class 10 Class 12
Objective Type Questions 40% 20%
Competency-Based Questions 20% 30%
Short/ Long Answer Type Questions 40% 50%

As part of the updated curriculum, the board will soon release Sample Papers. The sample exams would follow the updated exam format. Board has already published the curriculum, which was not broken up into terms. One annual exam’s official announcement has now been made public.

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CBSE Assessment Scheme 2022-23- Changes made in CBSE Exam Pattern

Here is a summary of changes made to the CBSE exam pattern and CBSE new pattern before getting into the details of the CBSE Class 10 exam pattern and CBSE Class 12 exam pattern:

  • The Board will use multiple-choice questions that are competency-based in accordance with the new CBSE exam design.
  • For class 10 and class 12, internal assessments will include the results of projects, practical exams, research activities, and unit tests.

The CBSE exam 2022–23 has a revised pattern, and candidates will be assessed at several points over the year.

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CBSE Assessment Scheme 2022-23- 7 Easy tricks to speed up your preparation for Boards

Finally, the year is coming to an end. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are coming up soon. However, there is one important step that must come before all that joy: the ever-glorious board exam. There is nothing to worry about at all. You still have time to complete your coursework. You must study more effectively and efficiently to get the most out of the time you have available. We have included some tried-and-true advice below that will undoubtedly help you with your exam preparation. Look into it.

  1. The two-hour rule: This is a rule that you must follow at all times. Never study for longer than two hours straight just take 10 minute break; have a walk or conversation with your parents. When you are studying, your body and brain need some downtime. To avoid burning out, take breaks.
  2. Write whatever you learn: Writing while learning reduces your risk of forgetting. Obviously, this can require a little more time, but it will be well worth it.
  3. Practice more: Never attempt to read and understand the solution when dealing with practical issues. Solve it more and more. Every time you find a solution, you won’t run into the issue again. Additionally, this will increase your calculation speed.
  4. Shift between Subjects: Even with appropriate pauses, you still run the risk of becoming bored if you study the same subject for a long period of time. The only way to overcome this dullness when learning is to change between subjects.
  5. Revise every morning: Revise all the material you studied the day before as soon as you wake up every morning. This routine will help you remember everything you have learned.
  6. Eat healthily: Always maintain a balanced diet. Exam season is more evenly distributed. Only a healthy body can perform at its best. Additionally, nobody likes to get sick right before an exam.
  7. Sleep well: Your ability to think clearly and remember things depends on how well you sleep. It’s not always a smart idea to sacrifice your sleep, especially when you’re learning a lot.

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CBSE Assessment Scheme 2022-23- FAQs

Q. What is the new exam pattern of CBSE?

Ans. According to the CBSE curriculum 2022-23, the full syllabus will be covered in the final examinations.

Q. Has CBSE reduced the syllabus for 2022-23?

Ans. It is now known that the term-wise board paper pattern will NOT BE FOLLOWED in the academic session 2022-23. However, the syllabus shall remain ALMOST the same as the last two years according to the 30% reduction policy.

Q. What are multiple assessments in CBSE?

Ans. Multiple assessments – (quizzes, oral test, concept map, exit cards, visual expression etc.)

Q. Will there be a CBSE Board exam in 2023?

Ans. For the 2023 batch, CBSE Class 10, and 12 board exams will begin on February 15. Unlike this year, there will be only one exam at the end of the academic session.

Q. Did CBSE reduce the syllabus again for 2022-23?

Ans. The 10th and 12th-grade board exams for the school year 2022–2023 will start on February 15, 2023. The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up the educational system, hence CBSE has decided to cut the syllabus for classes 9th to 12th by 30%.

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