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CBSE 10th Preparation Tips 2022: Why Should We Start Preparing Now?

CBSE Class 10 Preparation: Why Should We Start Preparing Now?


Class 10th is very crucial for the future. So getting good marks in class10th board exam therefore becomes important. To get good marks students must begin their preparation early.  

Why Should You Start Preparing Your Class 10th Board Exam Preparation Now?

Start early, start today, and start right now, according to an anonymous legend. You must quickly realise there are no short routes in life. You can use your long-term memory in addition to your short-term memory if you began preparing for the CBSE Class 10 exam in the first semester. Along with raising your overall grade, that will assist you in having greater success. even when discipline is required!


“The earlier you start, the better” is a cliche. For classes 10 class 9 act as the foundation. Building concepts for the board test begins in earlier lessons. Your burden for the 10th grade can be shared and cut in half with careful planning and execution, but you must start from day one of your ordinary 9th grade to achieve this. It is easier to learn in-depth during the boards if you use these years to master the fundamentals.

Benefits of Beginning Class 10th Board Exam Preparation Early

  • Starting early will give you more time to comprehend a lesson and understandable concepts, which will ultimately provide you more time to work on practise questions and more practice.


  • The tenth grade is important since it will enable you to select the future major you want. Starting your preparation for the boards early will therefore give you enough time to thoroughly understand each subject.


  • Students taking the class 10 board exams need to start early so they may more carefully plan their daily schedule. This will not only improve their grades but also provide them peace of mind as they study for their tests.

Top Tips To Prepare For Your Class 10th Board Exams

1. Be Self-Assured and Stress-Free

Before taking the tests, students should feel more confident and less anxious. They must have all of the required materials, including an ID proof and a geometry box, with them on the day of the exam. They should arrive at the testing location before the given time so they can easily take their assigned seat. They are required to abide by any instructions given by the exam invigilators.

2. Establish a good study schedule

Setting up a study schedule is crucial for exam preparation. All of the exam papers, significant issues, study time, and other crucial items ought to be included. This will make it easier for kids to stick to their timetable. Students must adhere completely to the schedule. There is a good chance that doing so will result in a board exam score of 90 points or higher.

3. Begin Early

Students frequently disregard their internal clock. Most students who are on preparation leave stay up late studying and then sleep in the morning. Start creating your schedule far in advance so you have plenty of time to alter it. You may even need to create several separate schedules.

4. A Valuable Suggestion

One of the finest strategies for studying for your CBSE board exam is to use this. There is no need for you to have a lot on your plate. Avoid covering all the simple subjects in one day and all the complex subjects in one. Instead, employ a mix-and-match approach. Take on a variety of topics throughout the day, both simple and complex. When you do all the challenging tasks in one day, you could become frustrated. Therefore, use the advice provided to prevent this.


5. Join Online Coaching For Early Preparation 

Students appearing for class 10th board exam should start their preparation well in advance. For a better preparation the students can join the online coachings available for board exam preparation. These online coachings are the best way to prepare for your class 10th board exam as there is no need to go outside and you can learn at your own place. Also they teach everything conceptually and according to the revised exam pattern. Adda247 is the best online coaching available for class 10th board exam preparation.


Ace your class 10th board exams with Adda247 live classes for class 10th preparation. 

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CBSE 10th Preparation Tips 2022: FAQs

Ques 1. What should the plan be for the 2022 board exams?

Ans. The ideal approach is to adhere to the topic-wise weighting and marking for the given subject. Then, spend the majority of your time on the important subjects.


Ques 2. What are some strategies for getting a perfect score in the Class 10 CBSE board exam in 2022?

Ans. There is no easy way to get a perfect score on the board exam. Cover every item on your 10th grade syllabus, go through it several times, and practise answering questions.


Ques 3. How long should a student in the tenth grade spend studying?

Ans. To pass the board test with a satisfactory grade, students must devote at least eight hours per day to their studies.


Ques 4. Will Ncert be sufficient for the Class 10 boards?

Ans. In a nutshell, “yes” is the response. However, in order to do well in the exam, you must study a few additional books in addition to the NCERT texts.

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