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CBSE Class 10 students DO NOT MISS this LATEST UPDATE on Marking Scheme.

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The news of the cancellation of the class 10 board examination has already burst out and as we all know CBSE took this serious step due to a sudden increase in the COVID-19 in the country.  As of we know, the class 12 board exams have been postponed by the Central Board of Secondary Examination but now the question arises what will be the marking scheme for class 10? What all criteria and boundaries will be set to examine these students?

The crucial concern among guardians and students of class 10 is “ How will the board prepare the board results for the candidates of class 10”. The education minister tweeted, “The results of Class Xth Board will be prepared on the basis of an objective criterion to be developed by the Board.” Last year when some of the board papers were stalled due to pandemic the board followed the distinct pattern to evaluate students result as if the student has appeared for three or more than three subjects they have been awarded and evaluated on the average of the highest marks based on their marks. While the students who have only appeared for two examinations, the average of the two highest scored was evaluated and considered whereas the students who haven’t appeared for at least two examinations will be assessed by their internal performance or project-based assessments or practicals.

Education Minister has also tweeted regarding the result of class 10 that  “Any candidate who is not satisfied with the marks allocated to him/her on this basis will be given an opportunity to sit in an exam as and when the conditions are conducive to hold the exams.” Due to the sudden surge in the number of COVID-19 cases across the country, numerous state boards have also followed the pattern shown of CBSE and have either cancelled or postponed the class 10 class 12 board exams.

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