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100 Birds Name in English & Hindi

Birds Name: learning Birds Name is the most important concept. We encounter numerous birds in our daily life. Some bird names are very common. But It is necessary to Know the birds names found in our surroundings.

Birds Name

Birds Name: learning Birds’ Name is the most important concept. We encounter numerous birds in our daily life. Some birds name are very common, Birds are the only animals that have the ability to fly. We observed different bird species in a single day. Their residents enhance the beauty of the forested regions.  They can lift their body in the air thanks to their large feathers

In our surroundings, there are countless birds of different species, each of which is distinctive. Here we have a list of 100 Birds commonly found in our environment.

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100 Birds Name in English

Birds Name: Birds are an important component of our ecology, yet other species, like the ostrich, penguin, kiwi, etc., lack wings. These birds may have wings, but they are either too short or too rigid to be used for flight. Numerous waterbirds exist, including the duck, swan, quail, albatross, and others. Here is a list of 100 Birds name in English

Crow  Kite  Dove 
Sparrow  woodpecker  Owl 
Eagle  Hen  Parrot 
Raven  Stork  Swan 
Quail  Pelican  Kingfisher 
Parakeet  Ostrich  Cockatiel 
Vulture  Crane  Penguin 
Hummingbird  Weave – bird  Hornbill 
Albatross  Cuckoo  Turkey 
Oilbird  Emu  Falcon 
Drongo  Cockatoo  Nightingale 
Sandpiper  Goldfinch  Robin 
Swallow  Pheasant  Toucan 
Canary  Heron  Potoo 
Bush warbler  Cassowary  Mallard 
Common swift  Megapode  Spoonbill 
Ospreys  Rail  Budgerigar 
Wren  Loon  Arctic tern 
Lovebird  Rallidae  Bee-eater 
Grebe  Passerine  Pelican 
Moa  Nightjar  Guinea fowl 
Dodo  Greater coucal  Turkey 
Gannet  Avocet  Catbird 
Bluebird  Dunnock  Northern cardinal 
Teal  Gadwall  Northern pintail 
Hoatzin  Oriole  Partridge 
Tailorbird  Weaverbird  Skylark 
Pigeon  Goose  Coot 
Peacock  Finches  Lark 
Duck  Hawk  Conure 
Macaw  Wagtail  Cygnet 
Thrush  Myna  Kiwi 
Roadrunner  Blue jay  Azure dollar 

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100 Birds Name in Hindi

यहाँ हिन्दी में 100 पक्षियों के नाम की सूची दी गई है

जंगली बत्तख़
एक प्रकार का पक्षी
एक आर्कटिक समुद्री पक्षी
गिनी मुर्गा
भारी अड़चन
ग्रेटर रैकेट-टेल्ड
लोट लगाते
बुश वार्बलर
सामान्य स्विफ्ट
दर्जिन चिड़ियाउत्तरी पिंटेल
ब्लू जे
खलिहान निगल
परी पक्षी
नीला डॉलर/बैंगनी डॉलर

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10 Birds Name Famous in India with Image

1. Peacock- India’s national bird is the Indian Peacock. The green peacock has body feathers that are green and bronze, as opposed to the Indian peacock’s iridescent blue and green plumage, which is mostly metallic blue and green. In terms of weight and wingspan, females in both species are marginally smaller than males.


2. Crow-Crows are black birds renowned for their sharp “caw” sound, intellect, and adaptability. There are many varied sizes of crows since there are around 40 different species of crows. Crows inhabit a range of locations around the globe. The Corvidae family includes the medium-sized black bird known as the crow. Rooks and ravens are members of this family. Crows are frequent birds in India, and you may recognize them by their distinctive cawing sound.


3. Eagle-Many huge birds of prey belonging to the Accipitridae family go by the common name “eagle.” A number of genera, some of which are closely related, have eagles in their groupings. Eagles are generally found in all habitat types and in practically every part of the world. The desert, the arctic tundra, and tropical rainforests are all places where you can find these birds. In North America, bald and golden eagles are extremely common. The bulk of the 60 eagle species is found in Eurasia and Africa.


4. Parrot- The most well-liked and well-known bird is the parrot. In addition to being stunning with its vividly colored feathers and beak, it is regarded as one of the smartest birds. However, a parrot is more than just a colorfully plumed bird with exceptional imitation abilities. The majority of parrots’ meals mostly consist of seeds, nuts, fruit, buds, and other plant material. The major habitat of a parrot is warmer climates, which are typically associated with jungle or rainforest.


5. Pigeon-Pigeons belonging to the Columbidae family (order Columbiformes). Doves are typically used for smaller forms, and pigeons for larger ones. The white domestic pigeon, also known as the “dove of peace,” is an exception.

For thousands of years, pigeons have played important roles as food, pets, sacred animals, mail couriers, and more. Pigeons are first mentioned in writing 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. For ritual purposes, the ancient Egyptians would offer tens of thousands of victims at once.
Pigeons can be found everywhere but in the coldest places and the most isolated islands. There are about 250 species, with two-thirds of them existing in tropical Southeast Asia, Australia, and the western Pacific islands.


6. Penguins- A group of aquatic birds without wings is known as penguins. They are nearly entirely distributed in the Southern Hemisphere; the only species found north of the equator is the Galápagos penguin. Penguins have dark and white plumage and flippers for swimming, making them exceptionally well-adapted for life in the sea. Most penguins catch food with their bills and swallow it whole while swimming, including krill, fish, squid, and other types of marine life. A penguin’s muscular jaws and spiky tongue allow it to grasp slick prey. They live on land for about half of their life and in the sea for the remaining half.


7. Hummingbird-The smallest bird in the world is the hummingbird, which measures 7.5 to 13 cm. Hummingbird species number 361 in the world. Their wings beat at high frequencies that humans can hear, giving out the humming sound that gives hummingbirds their common name. With quick wing beat rates that range from 12 beats per second for the largest species to 80 beats per second for little hummingbirds, they hover in midair. The greatest speeds of the species that have been observed flying in wind tunnels are greater than 15 m/s.


8. Falcon-There are roughly 40 species of falcons in the genus Falco, which is a group of raptor birds. Except for Antarctica, where closely related raptors did exist in the Eocene, falcons are widely spread over every continent in the world.
The raptor or bird of prey known as a falcon has a sharp beak and talons on its feet. They are extremely adept predators on the wing, and their small wings allow them to control the air perfectly. Adult falcons can fly quickly and change directions thanks to their narrow, tapering wings.


9. Woodpecker-With the exception of Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, Madagascar, and most polar regions, woodpeckers are members of the family Picidae. The majority of species graze primarily for insect prey on tree trunks and branches. They frequently communicate by drumming with their beaks, which produces a reverberating sound that may be heard from a distance. Fruits, bird eggs, small animals, tree sap, human food scraps, and carrion are some of the different foods that some species eat. Their abandoned holes are significant to other cavity-nesting birds because they often nest and sleep in holes they bore in tree trunks.


10. Canary- The finch family Includes the little yellow canary. In the western and Central parts of Southern Africa, this bird is found.
Different species of these birds exist, and they are renowned for their singing abilities. The canaries normally weigh less than an ounce and are four inches long. Wild canaries have greenish-yellow feathers with deeper striations down their wings and tails.
The colors of domestic canaries range widely, including red, yellow, white, black, brown, and others. The domestic species have numerous types of feathers on their bodies, including varied crests on their heads and other ruffled feathers elsewhere. Because of their lovely melody, canaries are relatively frequent pets.


Birds Name with Picture

Birds name in English Birds name in Hindi Birds name with picture
Peacock (पीकॉक) मोर
Peahen (पीहेन) मोरनी
Blue jay, Magpie नीलकण्ठ
Parrot तोता
Myna (मैना) मैना
Macaw (माकेव) पहाड़ी तोता, सिकंदर
Cuckoo (कुकु) कोयल
Nightingale बुलबुल
Crow, Rook कौआ
Pigeon (पिजेन) कबूतर
Dove (डव) पड़की
Duck (डक) बतख
Ostrich (ऑस्ट्रिच) शुतुरमुग
Owl (आउल) उल्लू
Cock (कॉक) मुर्गा
Hen (हेन) मुर्गी
Pewit (पविट) टिटहरी  
Swan स्वान हंस
Flamingo फ्लैमिंगो राजहंस
Goose गूस कलहंस
Penguin पेंगुइन पेंगुइन
Kite काइट गरुड़
Woodpecker वुडपेकर कठफोडवा
Great Egret बगुला
Sparrow गौरैया
Vulture वेल्चर गिद्ध
Eagle ईगल चील
Kite काइट चील
Hawk / Falcon हॉक / फॉकन बाज़
Stork, Crane स्टोर्क, क्रेन सारस
Kingfisher किंगफिशर राम चिरैया
Skylark चकाता
Pheasant तीतर
Lark भारव्दाज़ पक्षी
Kiwi bird कीवी (उड़ने वाला पक्षी नही है)
Black Drongo भुजंग
Chukar Partridge चकोर
Crested Bunting चिरटा, पत्थर चिड़िया
Common Hawk-cuckoo पपीहा
Osprey मछलीमार पक्षी
Egyptian Vulture सफ़ेद गिद्ध
Greater Coucal, Crow Pheasant महोख पंछी
Hoopoe Bird हुदहुद
Common Quail बटेर
Weaverbird बया
Macaw एक प्रकार का तोता
Wagtail खंजन
Hornbill धनेश
Golden Oriole पीलक
Warbler फुदकी
Mandarin duck मंदारिन बत्तख
White-breasted Waterhen वन मुर्गी, जल मुर्गी

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100 Birds Name in English & Hindi-FAQs

Q. What are the top ten most common birds on earth?

1. Canary 2 Cormorant 3 Crane (Stork) 4 Crow 5 Cuckoo 6 Dove 7 Duck 8 Eagle 9 Flamingo 10 Goldfinch

Q.Which bird is considered a national Bird of India

India’s national bird is the Indian Peacock. The Indian Peafowl attracts a lot of attention due to its vivid colors and grace. Peacocks and their hues are often used to describe Indian culture.

Q.Which is the smallest bird in the world?

The hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world measuring 7.5 to 13 cm.


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