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AP EPACET/EAMCET 2021 – Exam Date (Out), Registration, Application Form, Syllabus

AP EPACET/EAMCET 2021- Exam Date (Out), Syllabus, Exam Pattern_30.1


AP Eamcet or EPACET 2021 is an entrance exam for undergraduates. It is conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in online mode yearly. This exam is conducted for undergraduate students to get admission in top colleges of Andhra Pradesh in courses like engineering, pharmacy, medical courses, etc.

Formerly the exam was known as AP Eamcet. From Academic year 2-21-2022, the name has been changed to EPACET ( Engineering, Pharmacy, Agriculture Common Entrance Test).


Exam Pattern for AP EPACET/EAMCET 2021 Latest updates

The exam is conducted for 160 marks.  One mark for one question is awarded to the students. The total duration of the exam is 3 hours. The paper is available in English and Telugu Language.

AP Eamcet or EPACET

Exam Duration 3 Hours
Subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Maths
Total Marks 160
Languages English and Telugu
Mode Online Mode
Test Type Computer Based Test


Engineering Exam Pattern for AP Eamcet or EPACET 2021

We have listed the exam pattern for the AP Eamcet 2021 below.

  • The engineering entrance exam will be of 3 hours.
  • The total marks will be 160 marks.
  • One question will have multiple options in the ratio 1:4. 1 question will be available for four options to choose from.
  • The exam will be conducted online in computer based type.
  • Papers will be available only in English and Telugu
  • Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are the compulsory subjects to be eligible for the entrance exam.


Marks Distribution for AP Eamcet or EPACET 2021

Below is the table where subject-wise marks distribution has been listed.

Subjects Questions Marks
Mathematics 80 80
Physics 40 40
Chemistry 40 40
Total 160 160


AP Eamcet or EPACET 2021 Marking Scheme

  • Negative Marking is not there for wrongly marked answers.
  • Two options marking will be not taken into consideration.
  • No marks will be awarded for not attempting the questions.
  • Each correct answer will fetch 1 marks for the students appearing in the AP Eamcet 2021.


AP Eamcet or EPACET Exam Application Form Instructions for 2021

Reporting at the Exam Centre ·         Firstly, the candidates will have to report at the exam centre with the hall ticket and original ID proof.

·         The authorities will take biometric fingerprint and photograph of candidates.

·         You will be guided to your respective computer.

Login ·         You can see your details and photograph on the computer screen.

·         Ten minutes before the commencement of the exam, you will have to login by entering your Hall Ticket number.

·         The password to login will be intimated by the invigilators.

·         Click on Sign In’ button after entering the username and password

Reading Instructions ·         The instructions will be displayed on the screen.

·         After reading the instructions, click on ‘Next’

·         Exam specific instructions will be displayed

·         Click on the disclaimer box

·         Finally, click on ‘I am ready to Login’.

Online Exam ·         The online exam will commence now

·         You can select any section that you want to answer (Mathematics/ Physics/ Chemistry)

·         Question from the respective section will be displayed on the screen.

·         Select the right answer from the four options available by clicking on the circle.

·         In order to save your answer, you will have to click on ‘Save and Next’

·         Once the exam duration is over, your answers will be submitted automatically.

·         Exam summary will be displayed, and you will have to click on ‘Yes’.


Syllabus for AP Eamcet or EPACET 2021

·         Functions
·         Mathematical Induction
·         Matrices
·         Complex Numbers
·         De Moivre’s Theorem
·         Quadratic Expressions
·         Theory of Equations
·         Permutations and Combinations
·         Binomial Theorem
·         Partial fractions
·         Trigonometric Ratios upto Transformations
·         Trigonometric Equations
·         Inverse Trigonometric Functions
·         Hyperbolic Functions
·         Properties of Triangles
·         Addition of Vectors
·         Product of Vectors
·         Measures of Dispersion
·         Probability
·         Random Variables and Probability Distributions
·         Locus
·         Transformation of Axes
·         The Straight Line
·         Pair of Straight lines
·         Circle
·         System of circles
·         Parabola
·         Ellipse
·         Hyperbola
·         Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios
·         Plane
·         Differential equations
·         Differentiation
·         Limits and Continuity
·         Definite Integrals
·         Integration
·         Applications of Derivatives
·         Units and measurements
·         Motion in a Straight Line
·         Motion in a Plane
·         Laws of Motion
·         Work, Energy and Power
·         System of Rotational Motion
·         Oscillation
·         Gravitation
·         Mechanical Properties of Solids
·         Mschnical Properties of Fluids
·         Thermal Properties of Matters
·         Thermodynamics
·         Kinetic Theory
·         Waves
·         Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
·         Wave Optics
·         Electric Charged and Fields
·         Electrostatics Potential and Capacitance
·         Moving Charged and Magnetism
·         Current electricity
·         Magnetism and Matters
·         Electromagnetic Induction
·         Alternating Current
·         Electromagnetic Waves
·         Dual Nature of Radiation And Matter
·         Atoms
·         Nuclei
·         Semiconductor Electronics
·         Classification of elements and periodicity in properties
·         Atomic structure
·         Chemical bonding and molecular structure
·         Stoichiometry
·         States of matter
·         Thermodynamics
·         Chemical equilibrium and acids-bases
·         Hydrogen and its compounds
·         S block
·         P block group 13
·         P block group 14
·         Organic chemistry-some basic principles and techniques and hydrocarbons
·         Solid state
·         Hydrocarbons
·         Electrochemistry and chemical kinetics
·         Solutions
·         General principles of metallurgy
·         Surface chemistry
·         D and f block
·         Polymers
·         Biomolecules
·         Haloalkanes and haloarenes


AP Eamcet / EPACET 2021 Exam Dates

The AP EAMCET 2021 will be held from August 19 to August 25. On June 26, the AP EAMCET application form 2021 will be available at Candidates must complete out the AP EAMCET application form 2021 in order to participate in the entrance exam.


FAQ’S for AP Eamcet or EPACET 2021

1.      What is the last date of AP Eamcet or EPACET 2021?

The last date is June 25 2021 to fill the application for the exam.

2.      Will AP Eamcet or EPACET 2021 be postponed?

There is little chance of AP Eamcet 2021 getting postponed. It will depend upon the then situation of the country due to covid.

3.      When will be the exams conducted?

The exams will be conducted from August 19 to 25, 2021.

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