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100 Days Strategy Plan For CLAT 2023

100 Days Strategy Plan For CLAT

Annually, CLAT is held to determine admission to the five-year integrated programme in law at the recognized National Law Universities and other famous public and private law schools. For those wishing to study law and gain admission to India’s top law schools, a crucial exam is held at the national level. The admission exam evaluates the candidates according to many criteria. Due to CLAT’s sectional structure, students who intend to take it must create an overall and sectional study plan.

Strategy Plan for CLAT 2023 Section-by-Section 

An offline exam called CLAT lasts a total of 120 minutes. There are five parts, each with a different number of questions and marks. Each question is worth one mark, while the erroneous response is deducted 0.25 points. The test structure and sectional preparation procedures listed below will give you a good sense of how to be ready for CLAT 2023.


Sr.No. Subjects Questions(approx)
1 English including Comprehension 28-32
2 General Knowledge and Current Affairs 35-39
3 Legal Reasoning 35-39
4 Logical Reasoning 28-32
5 Quantitative Techniques 13-17

Strategy Plan For CLAT 2023: English CLAT preparation

Your grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills will be tested in this part. You must continuously work hard, word by word, day after day, to develop your vocabulary. You can do this by creating a word list. It will be beneficial to make reading the newspaper a regular habit. Additionally, reading articles based on various subjects will be the “cherry on top” because you never know what subject the exam-setter will select for the “Comprehension Reading” segment. This will also significantly raise your general knowledge section results.

To better comprehend a statement’s meaning, master the skill of sentence transformation.

Strategy Plan For CLAT 2023: General Knowledge and Current Affairs CLAT Preparation

You either have general knowledge or you don’t, which may be both beneficial and harmful. You’ll at most hazard a guess. When it comes to the CLAT, guesswork will cause more harm than good. Therefore, it is impossible to avoid reading the newspaper regularly and keeping track of the pertinent information. You must stay current with events and developments. Additionally, you can keep a GK notebook and take periodical tests. The students will also benefit from consistently taking notes from the news to perform well in this section.

Strategy Plan For CLAT 2023: Legal Reasoning Practice CLAT Preparation

This section will test your ability to reason and comprehend scenarios involving legal or social difficulties. Here, students must read the provided paragraph, analyse its content, and make some inferences. An individual’s capacity for reasoning is examined. Most crucially, students must work through these while under time constraints. As a result, candidates for the CLAT should read quickly. Students must also comprehend the importance of objectivity when selecting answer choices.

Strategy Plan For CLAT 2023: Quantitative Techniques for CLAT Preparation

To ace this section, you don’t have to be a math prodigy. Get over your dislike or fear of math. All you have to do is review the fundamentals. Examine the papers from the prior year and practise selecting the most pertinent themes. As arithmetic math makes up the majority of the part, try to learn as many shortcuts and strategies as you can.


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Strategy Plan For CLAT 2023: Exam pattern

Particulars Details for UG law details Details for LLM
Type of questions Multiple choice questions objective objective objective Objective-type questions
Mode Pen and paper modern penmen Pen and paper mode exam exam
Exam duration 120 minutes 120 minutes total 
Total number of questions 150 120
Maximum marks 150 120
Negative Marks Each wrong response will result in a 0.25 mark deduction.  Each wrong response will result in a 0.25 mark deduction.


Before starting the preparation, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the CLAT exam format and key themes.


100-days Strategy Plan For CLAT 2023 Exam

Strategy for first 50 days of preparation

Study Maths, Verbal and Logical Reasoning, English

  • Start by going over each topic in Math, Verbal, and Reasoning, as well as English.
  • Read the English newspaper every day, please.
  • Always be careful to finish as many topics as you can.
  • List the key words from each topic so that you have them handy for the revision phase.
  • In the first 50 Days, make sure to study the themes and ideas from Legal Aptitude and General Knowledge.

Study GK and Legal Aptitude

  • Each subject’s subjects for which you are strong and weak should be listed separately.
  • Start by allocating different time slots for general knowledge and legal knowledge.
  • Since the majority of the questions are directly based on the law, have a solid knowledge of judgement and changes.
  • Do your revision every 15 days to help you remember the material you have learned.
  • Try to attempt at least one or two papers from a prior year each week.

Strategy for Next 50 days preparation

Begin Revision and Solve Question Papers

  • resolving test questions and going through every subject.
  • Now, try to avoid reading anything new. Confusion and memory loss might result from this.
  • Try to approach each question in the context of an exam

Practice Mock Tests

  • Practice as many of the questions from last year’s exams as you can.
  • Each day, take at least one CLAT Mock Test and simultaneously review the material.
  • This will assist in assessing how well-prepared you are.
  • On subjects where you are weak, try improvising.

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Strategy Plan For CLAT 2023: FAQs

Question 1. Do I have a chance of passing CLAT 2023 on my first try?

Ans. Absolutely, yes. In the best NLUs, 4 out of 5 students pass their exams on their first try. Why can’t you do it? You’re destined to attend a top National Law University if you have a seriously effective plan of action and reliable work habits.


Question 2. What types of inquiries will be made in the CLAT in 2023?

Ans. In CLAT 2023, there will be objective questions on paper. You must select the right response from a list of four options for the MCQ test and mark it on your OMR sheets. The questions will primarily be based on reading, with a significant emphasis on making inferences, using critical reasoning, and using logic.


Question 3. How can I improve my speed and accuracy for CLAT 2023?

Ans. Until your speed increases, practise the questions from the areas that are slowing you down. 100% of the time. But you need to persevere!


Question 4. Which section in CLAT 2023 is given the highest weight?

Ans. The three categories with the highest weight in CLAT 2023 will be legal reasoning, general knowledge, and current events. The cumulative weight for these two sections will be between 70 and 78 questions.


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