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India – Beginning of new dawn

National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has been declared by the government of India . The policy changes proposed in NEP 2020 could lead to better learning and employment outcomes for everybody. MHRD is now changed its name to Ministry of Education

If we consider the education system in India and draw conclusions we can analyse the growth easily .Education in India has achieved growth which is a remarkable achievement. 3.74 crore students are now studying in 51,649 institutions. As per Ministry of Education as per NEP 2020, 91 lakh students graduate per year. This is now officially the largest education system in the world.  The main  target of NEP 2020 is to create at least one large multidisciplinary institution in or near every district by 2030.The main concern is to think about the young population of the age group of 18-23 years .Since the enrollment of women in educational institute has exceeded the population of men in terms of GRE .SC community, 14.9% enrolment against 16.6% of the population; remarkably close

ST community, 5.5% enrolment against 8.6% of the population it’s also an achievement, OBC community, 36.3% enrolment against 40.9% of the population.Minorities, however, have not demonstrated the same progress. If we consider about the Minorities constitute 20.2% of India’s population but only 7.5% in Higher Education enrollment. The report received by AISHE that only determines Muslims population separately, that represents 5.2% of Higher Education enrolment as against 15% of the population now. The only concern is about the Muslim community  , goeverment need to work upon motivating them else they only will left behind

The following reforms announced in NEP 2020  :

1. Top 200 institutions full autonomy

Because of heavy government regulation, the Indian education system was legging behind which has taken the focus away from quality. NEP 2020 has put a ‘light but tight’ regulatory framework without any fear that will bring positive changes .Through NEP 2020, India should work to provide full academic grant, administrative and financial autonomy to its 200+ top-ranked universities, so that they can expand updated course that can match the global standards

2. The National Research Foundation establishment must be priority

To cater the situation of major economies in research and innovation Indian government should work towards the establishment of NRF , government should respond to the urgent need .Moving  toward nation-building via R&D, GoI must allocate at least Rs 5,000 crore per year on a non-lapsable basis

3.Top 100 universities should be provided better incentive plans

NEP 2020’s drawn its farsight towards professional education and frontier technologies like AI/ML, engineering  etc.If students at such top notch institutes receive better incentives, more talent can be made attracted towards doctorate programs and others.  India only produces about 40,800 PhDs a year, mostly of indifferent quality. We must quickly scale to 50,000 more per year to a total of 100,000 of high global standards of quality.

4.With Market Loan Indian should improve its infrastructure

With new-age learning environments NEP2020 has cleared its path with research and development, sports, culture, medical facilities etc.Student should be given wide options of selecting and option higher education and the policies should be made easy for those who want to get best education

5.Improvement  of GER in low-GER districts must be planned

Many states and districts of India have a GER below 25 , if we consider fews states like Bihar/WB and other the GER is not matching the standard as required;

Bihar (13.6),
West Bengal (19.3),
Jharkhand (19.1),

These states and districts must be given special grants with a 50/50 participation from central and relevant state governments.

6.Allowing top global universities to set up in India

GoI must plan to allow top 100 global universities to set up in India with which we can save at least  $20 billion a year as nearly 7 lakh or more students visited abroad for higher education across 90 countries

7.National Scholarship Fund should be set up

The National Scholarship Fund can be modelled as a Public-Private-Partnership

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