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NEET Preparation 2020: Check Exam Tips, Study Plan And Preparation Strategy

NEET Preparation: The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is an entrance examination that decides one’s eligibility for admission into MBBS courses at both the government and private medical colleges across India, conducted by the NTA.

NEET Preparation 2020

With its vast NEET Syllabus and cutthroat competition, clearing NEET Exam is becoming difficult by each passing year. For this, preparing for the exam in the right techniques, with the right approaches and an equal amount of hard work is vital. Here are a few tips that will help you down the road:

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NEET Preparation 2020-21 Tips & Study Plan

Leading coaching institutes are going to be releasing the analysis of the examination done by the teachers & experts. Nevertheless, NEET Preparation 2020-21 exam study tips and plan explained here:

  • Get Familiarized With The Syllabus

Getting familiarized with the syllabus helps you get an idea on how to deal with the question paper. It tells you the important redundant portions on which you can concentrate on. There are also portions which are covered in the NCERT Syllabus. These can hence be just skimmed through, as you are already acquainted with it. You can gain some extra time which can be used to cover the remaining portions.

  •  A Reliable Study Material

Finding a good study material is the first and foremost step. As there are many books in the market, you should wisely choose a few good books to which you can stick to. While shortlisting them, make sure that the book covers every nook and corner of the syllabus. Also, make sure that these books have enough practice papers. You can seek the help of your teachers or the students who have already taken NEET for suggestions. Go through interviews of toppers to understand their approach and the books they had used. This step is important as, well begun is half done!

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  •  Practical Timetable

You should have a thoughtfully planned timetable for the duration of your preparation period. You will need proper planning to cover the syllabus of 2 years so that you can reach your goals in a relaxed way, without having to cram at the eleventh hour. But while preparing the timetable, you should also see to it that it should be realistic and practical.

This could disappoint you otherwise when you aren’t practically able to achieve the small goals. Allot long study hours, punctuated with short breaks. Sleep during the allotted time only, but make sure that you have enough sleep. Do a strength weakness analysis of your skills and find out your weak areas. Work on your tough subjects for longer hours and efficiently distribute time.

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NEET Preparation Strategy 2020-21

  • Your Own Notes

Jotting down points on a diary while studying can help you in retaining the points and improve your memory skills. They can also be useful to you while revising them later and can help you easily grasp things in the final run.

  • Consistently Revise

Revision is a must to ensure that you remember the portions that you had already studied. Revision is the key to crack NEET 2020, to keep any topic, chapter, or concepts fresh in your mind. While revising, you should make sure to spend more time on important topics and the areas you are weak in. This is the time you should revisit important reactions, formulas, and mechanisms. Also, be thorough with important derivations.

  •   Diet And Sleep

In your hectic schedule to cover the portions, you should never sacrifice your health. You should have an adequate amount of sleep and a healthy diet to be able to focus well. Have more iron-containing food and food rich in vitamin B to help your brain boost its function.

  •   Study Breaks And Naps

Humans can stay concentrated only for a limited amount of time. You can’t keep on studying after your brain has reached a saturation point. The students must take short breaks frequently to refresh your mind. These breaks could be snack breaks, short naps, walks or listening to music, or anything that can find you in a relaxed state.

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  •   Physical Well-being And Exercise

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Yes, physical fitness can make you more productive and, in stress, a free state. You could go for a walk, jog, do yoga or meditate. These can improve your concentration and keep a positive vibe.

  •   Take Mock Tests

NEET 2020 requires you to attempt 180 questions in 180 minutes. This herculean task cannot be executed easily without practice. You need to master the art of time management for that. Practicing test papers can help you achieve time management and carefully being aware of time limits and distributing it judiciously over different sections. These tips can help you for sure in your long stride towards success.

NEET Preparation: How to Crack NEET 2020 Exam? | Preparation Tips, Study Plan & Preparation Strategy by Experts


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