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IPMAT Preparation Tips & Strategy 2022

IPMAT Preparation

Candidates must work hard to pass the IPMAT exam, and we have also created an IPMAT Preparation Strategy to help you on your way to securing your admission through the IPMAT Entrance Test in the year 2022. If you follow the strategy to study for the next IPMAT 2022 in the correct order to the conclusion, you will easily pass the IPMAT entrance Exam.
The Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test is administered by the Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIM Indore) (IPMAT). IPMAT is a prerequisite for entrance to the five-year integrated management programme.

IPMAT Preparation: Quantitative Ability

  • The most difficult element is Quantitative Ability. To clear the same, you’ll need to practise on your own. Develop a firm grasp on the conceptual knowledge of each topic in this area, as well as the calculations and strategies for answering the questions.
  • Data Interpretation, Quadratic Equation, Number Series, Data Sufficiency, Simplification/Approximation, Mensuration, Profit and Loss, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, and so on are all important topics to learn.
  • Because the questions answered will be of a preliminary nature, it is also recommended that applicants avoid learning new ideas just before the examination. Candidates should continue to review the fundamental formulas and ideas. The mathematical principles should be simple to understand, and the calculations should be quick, which may be accomplished with consistent practice.
  • The main goal of this section is to assess the candidate’s numerical skills; it is not necessary to answer all of the questions, but it is crucial to do so accurately. This portion also plays a significant influence in your time management as you tackle the remaining questions.

IPMAT Preparation: Verbal Ability

  • To improve your reading skills, read the newspaper every day and don’t spend too much time on a single question.
  • Challenge yourself with the last questions, where you must locate correct/incorrect words/phrases/answers from the passage, as well as Antonyms and Synonyms, which do not require much time.
  • Although the IPMAT Cloze Test alternatives may appear to be perplexing at first, if you understand the logic underlying the passage, you will be able to solve it fast.
  • Read the passage carefully, and if you’re unsure, skip the question and move on to the next.
    To spot the error, read the text carefully and remember all of the basic grammar principles. Always double-check each choice.
  • To answer questions on spotting errors, read the complete sentence attentively. In most circumstances, you will find the error in one session, but you must carefully verify the subject-verb agreement while doing so.
  • If you still can’t find the error or aren’t sure what the proper answer is, go over each element of the sentence again and double-check it.
  • Read the entire section carefully to determine the concept of the passage, as well as the exact line; this will assist you in locating the lead.
  • Individual words are provided in the question instead of asking for synonyms/antonyms in the passage. You must choose the choice that is most similar to or opposite in meaning to the supplied word, and you must fully comprehend the word in order to answer such questions. You’ll need to improve your vocabulary for this, so read at least 3-4 articles per day, look up their definitions, and try to make sentences out of them on your own.
  • In Idiom Based questions, an idiom/phrase is supplied in the question, and different sentences representing the meaning of that idiom are provided in alternatives, and you must choose the sentence that best expresses the meaning of that idiom. To score well on such problems, you should practise well and try to master 5-8 idioms on a regular basis.

IIM Indore IPMAT Preparation Paper Pattern

Section Total Question Time Duration
Quantitative Ability(MCQ) 40 40 minutes
Quantitative Ability(SA) 20 40 minutes
Verbal Ability 40 40 minutes

In IPMAT 2022 Each question carries 4 marks. There is a negative marking of 1 mark for each incorrect answer except for the Quantitative Ability (SA) Section. SA* stands for Short Answers. For a detailed IPMAT 2022 Indore syllabus click here.

IIM Rohtak IPMAT Preparation Paper Pattern

Section Total Question Time Duration
Quantitative Ability(MCQ) 40 40 minutes
Logical Reasoning 20 40 minutes
Verbal Ability 40 40 minutes

In IPMAT 2022 Each question carries 4 marks. There is a negative marking of 1 mark for each incorrect answer. For a detailed IPMAT Rohtak syllabus click here.

How to do IPMAT 2022 Preparation

The Basics: Cover the basic concepts of Maths and English Grammar from class 6 to class 10, revise them regularly and practice sample questions based on these concepts. Also, cover the class 11 and 12 Maths.

Practice Chapter by Chapter: Practice easy to medium level of difficulty questions chapter by chapter.

IPMAT Preparation Time

IPMAT Preparation Time: Set 3-4 hours daily for your IPMAT 2022 preparation. With the focus being on- daily Maths practice, 1-2 Reading Comprehension passages, Grammar, and Vocab. Set 1 day a week for mocks, sectional tests, and topic tests. If you are appearing for IPMAT Rohtak, then try and solve 1-2 puzzles or LR sets daily backed by regular topic tests and sectional tests.

IPMAT 2022 Preparation, Coaching Tips, and Strategy

The IPMAT 2022 admissions procedure is divided into an entrance exam and a personal interview round, according to the IPMAT 2022 selection process. Before getting shortlisted for a Personal Interview round, candidates must take the IPMAT 2022 entrance exam. Only those who apply online are eligible to take the IPMAT 2022 exam, and they must register and upload the required documents online. Payments for the IPMAT application form are required. In addition, on or before the deadline, candidates must provide attested copies of all required papers in the format requested.
IPMAT registration will be handled separately at IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak. Both of these events will be held on their own websites.
The application forms for both IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak will be available on the official website once the test dates are published.
According to current knowledge, the IPMAT Indore registration form will be available after the notification in March 2022 on the official website of IIM Indore, @iimidr.ac.in. In February 2022, IIM Rohtak will release the IPMAT 2022 application form along with the announcement. IIM Rohtak’s official website, iimrohtak.ac.in, now has a link to the IPMAT application form 2022.
To avoid last-minute cancellations, candidates interested in filling out the IPMAT application form 2022 should review the eligibility criteria.

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FAQs on IPMAT Preparation Tips & Strategy 2022

What is the IPMAT exam’s level of difficulty?

IPMAT is typically moderate to simple in difficulty.

Which component of the IPMAT exam is the most straightforward?

The IPMAT exam’s verbal ability component is rather straightforward.

Which part of the IPMAT exam is the most difficult?

In the IPMAT test 2022, the most difficult section is quantitative aptitude.

How much time does it take to study for IPMAT 2022?

To prepare for the Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test, you’ll need at least six months to a year.

How can a candidate’s speed and accuracy be improved in order to pass the IPMAT exam?

Regular preparation of IPMAT sample papers and mock tests might help you enhance your speed and accuracy in the IPMAT exam.

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