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IIT Roorkee Announces New Online Certificate Programmes in AI, Machine Learning And Data Science

IIT Roorkee Announces New Online Certificate Programmes: In order to enable the students and professionals to continue with their learning processes and skill enhancement, higher education institutions in India have launched several initiatives in the times of the pandemic. These initiatives have proven useful in ensuring that the learning process for all types of students is continued without any hassles. Another significant development in this direction comes from one of the leading engineering education institutions of India, IIT Roorkee. As per the latest updates shared by the institution, IIT Roorkee has announced two new online certificate programs in partnership with Coursera.

The two online certificate programs announced are in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Both of the courses will be officially launched in the initial months of next year i.e. 2021. The duration of both the programs will be for six months and they will be completely conducted in the online mode.

Prof. Ajit K. Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee, issued a statement that read, “We are delighted to partner with Coursera to help fulfill the goal of inclusive education of the New Education Policy. Further, this partnership will help us reach out to a global audience of students and professionals aspiring for quality teaching in these sought-after areas,”

Details of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program

The course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be conducted over a period of six months. It will consist of team projects, lectures, tutorials, hands-on learning opportunities, and workshops.

The official statement from the institution explained that, “In addition to providing the coding knowledge and mathematics necessary for building AI and ML expertise, the program will also teach classical ML techniques and provide hands-on programming experience with Tensorflow for model building, robust ML production, and powerful experimentation.” 

Details of the Data Science Program

The duration for the certificate program in Data Science is also six months and the program has been designed to help the students acquire superior SQL and Python programming skills. These skills will help them create a career in the field of data analytics along with imparting essential knowledge regarding the machine learning algorithms. The institute has specified that in order to be eligible for the Certificate program in Data Science students need not have any previous knowledge of SQL, Python, R or other programming languages.

will help learners to develop Python and SQL programming skills necessary for a career in data analytics and provide knowledge on machine learning algorithms. No prior knowledge of coding in Python, R, or SQL is required to apply for the programme, IIT Roorkee said.

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