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IIT JAM Subjects And Syllabus 2020: How Many Subjects Are There In IIT JAM?

IIT JAM 2020 Subjects And Syllabus: How Many Subjects Are There In IIT JAM?_30.1


IIT JAM 2020: Every year, one of the Indian Institute of Technology conducts the Joint Admission Test for MSc (JAM), better known as IIT JAM, to select students for admission into the MSc programs at various participating institutions. IIT JAM 2020 is conducted by one of the IITs on a rotational basis, on behalf of the HRD Ministry of the government of India. There are a total of 2554 available seats across the IITs and IISc. Different courses available for admission under IIT JAM are Integrated PhD Degree programmes at the IISc, M.Sc. (Two Years), M.Sc.-Ph.D. Dual Degree, Post-UG Degree and Joint M.Sc.-Ph.D at the IITs. Different centrally-funded technical institutions (CFTI) and National Institute of Technology also accept IIT JAM scores for admission to various courses.

In order to provide admission to the candidates in different available courses, IIT JAM was conducted in seven different science subjects till 2019. But from IIT JAM 2020 onwards, exams are conducted for only six subjects i.e.

  •  Chemistry
  •  Biotechnology
  •  Mathematics
  •  Geology
  •  Physics and
  •  Mathematical Statistics.

IIT JAM 2020 Subjects And Syllabus

The details for subjects under IIT JAM 2020 is as follows: Check Details Subjects & Syllabus 2020-21

IIT JAM Syllabus For Biotechnology

IIT JAM 2020 Syllabus for Biotechnology (BL)
Subject Topics
Biology (10+2+3 level) Basic Biotechnology
Cell Biology
Biochemistry and Physiology
Molecular Biology
General Biology
Physics (10+2 level)
Mathematics (10+2 level)
Chemistry (10+2+3 level)

IIT JAM Syllabus For Chemistry

IIT JAM 2020 Syllabus for Chemistry (CY)
Subject Topics
Physical Chemistry Chemical Thermodynamics
Solid State
Chemical and Phase Equilibria
Theory of Gases
Chemical Kinetics
Basic Mathematical Concepts
Atomic and Molecular Structure
Organic Chemistry Basic Concepts in Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry
Natural Products Chemistry
Aromatic and Heterocyclic Chemistry
Organic Reaction Mechanism and Synthetic Applications
Qualitative Organic Analysis
Inorganic Chemistry Periodic Table
Bioinorganic Chemistry
Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Main Group Elements (s and p blocks)
Analytical Chemistry
Transition Metals (d block)
Chemical Bonding and Shapes of Compounds

 IIT JAM Syllabus For Geology

IIT JAM 2020 Syllabus for Geology (GG)
The Planet Earth
Economic Geology
Applied Geology
Structural Geology

IIT JAM Syllabus For Mathematics

IIT JAM 2020 Syllabus for Mathematics (MA)
Linear Algebra
Real Analysis
Vector Calculus
Integral Calculus
Sequences and Series of Real Numbers
Differential Equations
Group Theory
Functions of One Real Variable
Functions of Two or Three Real Variables

IIT JAM Syllabus For Mathematical Statistics

IIT JAM 2020 Syllabus for Mathematical Statistics (MS)
Subject Topics
Mathematics Sequences and Series
Integral Calculus
Differential Calculus
Statistics Standard Distributions
Testing of Hypotheses
Joint Distributions
Sampling distributions
Random Variables
Limit Theorems

IIT JAM Syllabus For Physics

IIT JAM 2020 Syllabus for Physics (PH)
Mathematical Methods
Modern Physics
Solid State Physics, Devices and Electronics
Mechanics and General Properties of Matter
Oscillations, Waves and Optic
Electricity and Magnetism
Kinetic theory, Thermodynamics