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AILET Syllabus 2022, Download PDF

AILET Syllabus 2022-2023

National Law University, Delhi has released the revised syllabus of All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) 2022 for its BA LLB(Undergraduate Course) and LLM(Postgraduate Course) programs. NLU Delhi has deleted the  legal aptitude and Mathematics sections from the BA LLB syllabus. Earlier, questions were asked from all five sections. A descriptive section has been added to the syllabus of LLM. Legal principles may also be incorporated in the logical reasoning part to assess your knowledge and familiarity with legal reasoning. The weightage of questions asked in each section has also been modified. The Logical Reasoning part will now hold more than half of the question paper. Meanwhile, the LLM paper will be divided into 2 parts. Part  A will have 100 marks and will comprise questions from English Language and Legal Reasoning. Part  B will be descriptive and will hold 50 marks. It should be noted that only candidates who have been shortlisted based on Part A scores will be evaluated in the descriptive section(Part B). In this article, we have given the detailed AILET 2022 Syllabus and exam pattern for BA LLB and LLM programs. Bookmark this page to get all the latest updates regarding AILET 2022 examination.    

AILET 2022 Exam Pattern – BA LLB(UG)


In AILET 2022 examination for BA LLB, questions will be asked from three sections i.e. English Language, Current Affairs & General Knowledge, and Logical Reasoning. Logical reasoning holds the highest weightage of 70 questions, the candidates must prioritize logical reasoning and English language sections. Each question carries one mark. Check out the AILET 2022 exam pattern given below in the table for the BA LLB program. 


Section Subject Question Marks Duration 
A English Language 50  50 1.5 hr(90 minutes )
B Current Affairs & General Knowledge 30 30
C Logical Reasoning 70 70
Total  150 150


AILET Syllabus 2022 – PDF

AILET Syllabus 2022 – UG BA-LLB


Syllabus is the first step to start preparation for any examination, without syllabus the aspirants become directionless and end up either getting low marks or fail the exam. To aid aspirants who are preparing for AILET 2022 to pursue the BA LLB program from NLU Delhi, we come up with this article. Earlier the questions were asked from 5 sections, which are now reduced to 3 directions. A total of 150 questions will be asked and candidates will be given 90 minutes to complete the AILET 2022 exam paper. The candidates will be allotted 1 mark for each right answer and 0.25 marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer. Check out the AILET 2022 syllabus for the BA LLB program given below: 


AILET Syllabus 2022 for the English Language 

This section assesses your English skills using a detailed passage and grammar. The AILET 2022 syllabus is based on basic English grammar. Check out the English language syllabus given below in the table: 

Chapter Topics
English Vocabulary Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms, Word definitions, Analogies
English Proficiency Idioms and Phrases, One-word substitution, Sentence improvement & rearrangement, Fill in the blanks with suitable words, Subject-Verb Agreement, Conditionals, Noun, Pronoun, Articles & Conjunction, Adjective, and Determinants.
English Usage Errors Grammatical errors like tense, voice, preposition usage, speech errors, Correct Spelling, Spotting errors, Inappropriate usage of words.
English Comprehension Based on the passage provided, various questions will be asked. It is advisable to first go through the questions and then read the passage. Doing this will help you to point out the answers and gather information relating to the questions. 


AILET Syllabus 2022 for General Knowledge 

The questions in this part are based on static and dynamic general awareness. You must be well-versed in current events on both the national and international levels.

Politics Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and World History
Geography Economics (Outline of Indian Economy, Five Year Plans, National Income of India, Indian Tax Structure)
Science and technology Environment & Ecology
General Science National & International Burning topics
Books and Authors Environment
Industries Major Industries in India
Agriculture Awards and Achievements


AILET Syllabus 2022 for Logical Reasoning 

The questions in the Logical Reasoning section are intended to assess your logical reasoning and critical thinking abilities. The only way to get excellent grades in this class is to practice.

Statement & Assumptions Statement & Conclusions
Statement & Arguments Statement & actions
Assertion – Reason Syllogism
Number test Direction and distance test
Coding and Decoding Blood Relationships
Ranking Analogy


AILET 2022 Exam Pattern – LLM (PG)

The AILET 2022 for LLM program consist of 100 objectives and two subjective questions. Questions will be asked from areas such as the English language, logical reasoning, and other branches of law at the undergraduate level.  Section A and Section B will be divided into two parts. Section A will then be divided into two sections. Part 1 will have 50 questions about the English language and in Part 2 50 questions from legal reasoning will be asked. Section B, on the other hand, will consist of 10 questions from which applicants must answer any two. Check out the AILET 2022 exam pattern for the LLM program given below in the table: 

Section AILET LLM Total questions Marks Duration 
Section A English language 50 50 1.5 hr(90 minutes)
Legal reasoning 50 50
Section B Subjects of law 10 (Only 2 to be attempted) 50
Total 110 150

AILET 2022 syllabus for LLM (PG)

AILET 2022 examination for LLM program consists of 2 sections. In section A, objective-type questions will be asked while in Section B, 10 descriptive questions will be asked in which candidates have to answer any of the 2 questions out of 10 questions. In AILET 2022 examination for the LLM program, a total of 110 questions will be asked. The questions from Section Ahold 1 mark each and questions from Section B hold 25 marks each. The candidates will be given 90 minutes to complete the examination. Check out the AILET 2022 syllabus for LLM given below in the table: 


Subject Syllabus
Law of Torts It is considered wrong for the claimant to suffer or harm resulting from legal liability for the person who commits the cruel act in a common-law jurisdiction.
Jurisprudence This is the theoretical study of law to understand legal reasoning, legal systems, legal institutions, and their role in society.
International Law It works as a framework for the practice of stable and organized international relations. The law consists of a set of rules, agreements, and treaties which have to be implemented. These sets of rules and norms are used to bridge the gap between the nations.
Family Law This section consists of rules related to marriage, family, adoption, paternity, surrogacy, child custody, and juvenile laws. The candidate needs to be well aware of the rules on the above-mentioned subtopics. 
Law of contracts This section deals with the rules required to be followed when two or more parties are involved in an agreement. The services promised, be it to provide a product or commit to providing a service, are enforceable by law. There are several types of laws with their terms and conditions, which have to be followed by the involved parties. This law governing body is called the law of contracts.
Property Law This section governs various types of ownership and tenancy in real property and private property, which comes under the common legal law of the system. Under the civil law system, there is a division between movable and immovable property.
Criminal Law Laws dealing with crimes are mentioned in this section. This section deals with the laws related to threatening, murder, and otherwise endangering to safety, health, property, and moral welfare of an individual, inclusive of one-self. 
Intellectual Property Law It consists of rules securing and enforcing legal rights of invention, artwork, and design. This law protects the personal ownership of a property and protects the exclusivity of intangible assets. 

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AILET 2022 Syllabus: FAQs 

Q. Is the AILET 2022 syllabus available?

Yes, the revised AILET 2022 syllabus for the BA LLB and LLM programs has been announced by NLU Delhi. 

Q. did NLU Delhi change the AILET syllabus 2022?

Yes, significant changes have been made to the BA LLB and LLM Syllabus. For example, the BA LLB question paper will henceforth consist of only three-section, earlier questions were asked from 5 sections. 

Q. Is there any negative marking in AILET 2022?

Yes, there is a negative marking of 0.25 marks in AILET 2022.

Q. Which sections are deleted from AILET 2022 syllabus for the BA LLB program?

legal aptitude and Mathematics, these two sections are deleted from AILET 2022 syllabus for BA LLB program

Q. which section holds the highest weightage of marks in the AILET 2022 syllabus for the BA LLB program?

The logical Reasoning section holds the highest weightage of marks in AILET 2022 syllabus for the BA LLB program.

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