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Quiz: Civil Engineering 26 April 2021

Quiz: Civil Engineering
Exam: GATE
Topic: Miscellaneous

Each question carries 1 mark
Negative marking: 1/3 mark
Time: 30 Minutes

Q1. The bending moments at point A, B and C of the beam shown in the given figure will be

Quiz: Civil Engineering 26 April 2021_30.1

(a) 10 kNm, 10 kNm and 10 kNm
(b) 10 kNm, 10 kNm, and -10 kNm
(c) 20 kNm, 10 kNm and -10 kNm
(d) 10 kNm, -10 kNm and 20 kNm

Q2. A 3-hour storm on a small drainage basin produced rainfall intensities of 3.5 cm/hr, 4.2 cm/hr and 2.9 cm/hr in successive hours. If the surface runoff due to the storm is 3 cm, then the value of ϕ-index will be
(a) 2.212 cm/hr
(b) 2.331 cm/hr
(c) 2.412 cm/hr
(d) 2.533 cm/hr

Q3. Match list I (Cement mortar for different work with List – II (Proportion of cement and sand in mortar) and select the correct answer:

List – IList – II
Cement mortar for normal brick work1 : 4
Cement mortar for plastering works1 : 3
Cement mortar for grouting the cavernous rocks1 : 6
Cement mortar for guniting1 : 1.5


            A          B          C          D

(a)        3          4          2          1

(b)        1          2          3          4

(c)        3          1          4          2

(d)        1          4          2          3

Q4. The kinematic indeterminacy of the plane truss shown in the figure is

Quiz: Civil Engineering 26 April 2021_40.1

(a) 11
(b) 8
(c) 3
(d) 0

Q5. A channel bed slope 0.0009 carries a discharge of 30 m³/s when the depth of flow is 1.0m. what is the discharge carried by an exactly similar channel at the same depth of flow if the slope is decreased to 0.0001?
(a) 10 m³/s
(b) 15 m³/s
(c) 60 m³/s
(d) 90 m³/s

Q6. An RC structural member rectangular in cross section of width b and depth D is subjected to a combined action of bending moment M and torsional moment T. The longitudinal reinforcement shall be designed for a moment M_e given by
(a) M_e=M+T(1+D\/b)/1.7
(b) M_e=M+T(1-D\/b)/1.7
(c) M_e=T(1+D\/b)/1.7
(d) M_e=T(1-b\/D)/1.7

Q7. A water treatment plant treats 6000 m³ of water per day. If it consumes 20 kg chlorine per day, then the chlorine dosage would be
(a) 3.00 mg/l
(b) 3.75 mg/l
(c) 4.25 mg/l
(d) 3.33 mg/l

Q8. Two small orifices A and B of diameter 1 cm and 2 cm, respectively, are placed on the sides of a tank at depths of h_1 and h_2 below the open liquid surface. If the discharges through A and B are equal, then the ratio of h_1 and h_2 (assuming C_d values)
(a) 16:1
(b) 8: 1
(c) 4:1
(d) 2:1

Q9. The distance between two points measured using 20 m chain was recorded as 327 m. it was found that the chain is 3 cm too long. The true length of the line is __:
(a) 326.55 m
(b) 327.49 m
(c) 327.55 m
(d) 326.49 m

Q10. The factor of safety of an infinite soil slope shown in the figure having the properties c=0,ϕ=35°,y_dry=16 kN\/m^3 and y_sat=20 kN\/m^3 is approximately equal to

Quiz: Civil Engineering 26 April 2021_50.1

(a) 0.70
(b) 0.80
(c) 1.00
(d) 1.20


S1. Ans.(b)
Sol. Taking moment about Hinge→
R_D×7.5 -4×2.5-4×5=0
▭(R_D=4 kN)
Moment at point A
M_A=R_D×2.5 =4×2.5=10 kN-m
Moment at point B
=4×5-4×2.5=10 kN-m
Moment at point C
= -10 kN-m

S2. Ans.(d)
Sol. Total Precipitation (P) = Σ Intensity × duration
Total precipitation (P) = (3.5+4.2+2.9)×1 hr
= 10.6 cm.
Run off (R) = 3 cm.
∵ the value of ϕ- index is smaller than all the 3 successive hours rainfall intensities.
Hence, ϕ-index= 2.533 cm\/hr

S3. Ans.(c)

Sol. Cement mortar ratio as per works →

Nature of workCement mortar ratio.
For damp proof course1:2
For reinforced brick work1: 3
For patrician wall1:3
For guinting1:3
For plaster work1:3 – 1:4
For normal brick work1:6
For grouting1 : 1.5

S4. Ans.(a)
Sol. No.of joints (j) =7
No.of external reactions (r_e) =3
Kinematic indeterminacy (D_k) =2j-r_e

S5. Ans.(a)
Q_1= 30 m³/sec
S_1 = 0.009
Q_2 = ?
S_2 = 0.0001
→ similar channel means that area and wetted perimeter are same.
Q_2/Q_1 =√(S_2/S_1 )
▭(Q_2=10 m^3 \/sec)

S6. Ans.(a)
Sol. Longitudinal reinforcement shall be designed to resist equivalent moment.
▭(Me= M+M_t )
▭(M_t=T/1.7 (1+D/b) )
▭(Me=M+T ((1+D\/b)/1.7) )
Equivalent shear
▭(Ve=V+ 1.6 T/b)

S7. Ans.(d)
Sol. Quantity of water treated per day = 6000 m³
Quantity of chlorine consumed per day = 20 kg.
Chlorine dosage = (Consumed chlorine per day)/(Quantity of water treated per day)
= (20×10^6 mg.)/(6000× 10^3 l.)
= 3.33 mg/l.

S8. Ans.(a)

Quiz: Civil Engineering 26 April 2021_60.1

A_1 V_1=A_2 V_2
π/4 D_1^2 (√(2gh_1 ))=π/4 D_2^2 (√(2gh_2 ))
h_1/h_2 =[D_2/D_1 ]^4
h_1/h_2 =[2/1]^4

S9. Ans.(b)
Sol. Measured length of line (L^’ )=327m
Length of Tape (l) =20m.
Wrong length of Tape (l^’ )=20+0.03
= 20.03m
Ture length of line(L)=?
L × l=L^’×l^’

S10. Ans.(a)
Sol. h=8m,Z=10m.
Factor of safety (F_s )
F_s=[1-(y_w h)/(y_sat Z)] Tanϕ/Tanβ
= [1-(10×8)/(20×10)] Tan35/Tan30

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