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Quiz: Civil Engineering


Topic: Estimation and Valuation


Each question carries 1 mark

Negative marking: 1/4 mark

Time: 10 Minutes


Q1. While estimating for plastering, usually no deduction is made for –

(a) Ends of beams

(b) Small opening upto 0.5 sq. m.

(c) End of rafters

(d) All the above



Q2. The concrete work for the following part of the building of specified thickness is measured in square meters……………

(a) Root slabs

(b) Floors

(c) D. P. C.

(d) All options are correct



Q3. The quantity cement concrete damp-proofing course is measured in terms of …………

(a) m

(b) m²

(c) m³

(d) Lump-sum



Q4. The unit weight of R. C. C. (in kg/m³)……..

(a) 1200

(b) 1800

(c) 2500

(d) 3000



Q5. The brick work is measured in square meter, in case of

(a) Honey comb brick work

(b) Brick flat Soling

(c) Half brick walls or the partition

(d) All options are correct



Q6. The weight of 10 mm diameter mild steel rod per meter length is equal to________:

(a) 0.22 kg

(b) 0.32 kg

(c) 0.42 kg

(d) 0.62 kg



Q7. The unit of measurement is per quintal for:

(a) Collapsible gate with rails

(b) Rolling shutters

(c) Expanded metal wire netting

(d) Reinforcement of R. C. C. works



Q8. The item of the brick structure measured in sq. m is

(a) Broken glass coping

(b) Brick work in arches

(c) Reinforced brick work

(d) Brick edging



Q9. The unit of measurement for mass concrete is usually:

(a) Liner meter

(b) Metric tons

(c) Square meter

(d) cubic meter



Q10. The correct volume measured should be nearest to:

(a) 0.01 cu m

(b) 0.02 cu m

(c) 0.04 cu m

(d) 0.03 cu m







S1. Ans.(d)


Plastering is measured in terms of m².If,

(a) opening area < 0.5 m² (No deduction is applied)

(b) opening area is between 0.5 m² – 3m², then (single side deduction is applied)

(c) opening area > 3 m², then (double side deduction is applied)


S2. Ans.(d)


Root slabs, floors, D.P.C, form work are measured in terms of m².


S3. Ans.(b)


Damp proof course (D.P.C) measured in terms of m².


S4. Ans.(c)


Unit weight of R.C.C. = 2500 kg/m³

Unit weight of plain cement concrete = 2400 kg/


S5. Ans.(d)


Generally, the brick work is measured in terms of m³. but in case of honey comb brick work, brick flat soling, half brick wall or partition wall then, it is measured in m².


S6. Ans.(d)


Quantity of steel (in kg.) per meter length is given by =

Where d = diameter of steel rod (in mm.)

L = length (in m.)

M = Quantity of steel (in kg.)

Now =

= 0.00618×(10)²

= 0.618 ≃ 0.62 kg


S7. Ans.(d)


Reinforcement of R.C.C. works measured in terms of per quintal.


S8. Ans.(a)


Broken glass coping measured in terms of square meter while reinforced brick work measured in terms of cubic meter.


S9. Ans.(d)


The unit of measurement for mass concrete is cubic meter.


S10. Ans.(a)


Degree of accuracy taken in-

(a) The correct volume is measured nearest up to = 0.01 m³.

(b) The correct area is measured nearest up to = 0.01 m².

(c) The length, width and depth are measured nearest up to = 0.01m.


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