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GATE 2020 Marks vs Rank: Know how to calculate

After the completion of the GATE exam in February this year, the most asked question by the candidates was about how they will be ranked based on the marks that they will obtain in the exam. Of course, it is quite important for the candidates to check the ranking that they have got in the exam so that they can estimate what opportunities they hold ahead. 

Though the brochure offers an explanation about the normalization of the score, the candidates wish to know the ratio of marks vs rank. 

Mainly, the ranking depends on the type of exam the candidate has appeared for that is a single session exam or multiple sessions exam. For one session paper, the score is calculated based on the actual marks scored by the candidate. On the other hand, in the case of the multiple session paper, there will be a calculation of the normalized marks based on the raw marks scored by the candidate. 

GATE 2020 Marks vs Rank

Detailed information about GATE marks vs rank can be understood based on last year’s details. 

The scorecard of GATE is valid for a time period of three years. If a candidate has scored 400 or lesser, this can allow the candidate in getting admission to colleges with lower grades. On the other hand, candidates having a rank of AIR 400 will be able to get admission to almost all the IITs across the country. 

To be very specific, it can be said that the marks are calculated out of 100 while the ranking is calculated out of 1000. For example, candidates scoring more than 90 in mechanical, more than 80 in CSE, more than 90 in civil, 73 or above in electronics, and more than 91 in electrical will be in the rank of 1 to 10. 

Similarly, candidates getting 87-92, 75-80, 85-90, 67-73, and 87-91 in mechanical, CSE, civil, electronics, and electrical respectively will be there in the ranking of 10 to 50. 

Again, candidates getting 85-87, 72-75, 78-85, 63-67, and 84-87 in the subjects respectively will be ranked in between 50 – 100 and candidates getting 82-85, 68-72, 74-78, 60-63, and 81-84 respectively are ranked in between 100 – 200. 

A good rank in GATE

Apart from the confusion about ranking vs score, the candidates also get concerned about which rank is actually good for them. 

Normally, candidates having a rank under 100 get to appear for the selection process of the PSUs. Again, candidates under the ranking of 200 have a good chance of getting admission in the IIT College of their preference. 

Though the rankings offer the candidates a good chance of getting through some of the topmost positions of PSU, it also has to be understood that just having a good rank does not work. There are selection procedures that consist of Group Discussion and Personal Interview of the candidates. Hence, it is important that the candidates should also prepare for the Group Discussion and Personal Interview round along with the examination. 

Similarly, candidates having a good rank for IIT admissions also need to do good in the interview of the college in order to get admission in the college that they prefer. 

GATE is known to be one of the toughest exams due to its vast syllabus and negative markings. But also it offers a great opportunity for candidates who are able to crack through the exam with a good rank. There is no such age limit and hence there are a number of candidates who might appear for the exam, a number of times, to get through a good rank. 

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