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Daily Concept Booster Civil Engineering : Fineness of Cement

Fineness of Cement –
– The Fineness of Cement is measured by :

(a) Sieve Method – In this method, 100 gm cement is taken and sieved in sieve no-9 (90 micron) for 15 minutes and residue on the sieve is measured. The percentage of residue by weight on the sieve is given below.

Type of Cement Percentage of residue by weight
1. RHC (Rapid hardening Cement) 5
2. PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement) 5
3. OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) 10

(b) Air permeability Method – In this method, Blaine’s air permeability apparatus is used to measure fineness of cement. It is represented in terms of specific surface area per unit weight.

Type of Cement Specific Surface Area (cm²/gm)
1. SSC (Super Sulphate Cement) 4000
2. RHC (Rapid hardening Cement) 3250
3. PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement) 3000
4. OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) 2250

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