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Daily Concept Booster Civil Engineering : Bogues Compound & their Function

– Bogues Compound & their Function – Bogue’s compound Formula Name Symbol Function Percentage
1. Tricalcium silicate 3CaO.SiO_2 Alite C_3 S Responsible for early strength 30-50%
2. Dicalcium silicate 2CaO.SiO_2 Belite C_2 S Responsible for ultimate strength 20-45%
3. Tricalcium aluminate 3CaO.〖Al〗_2 O_3 Celite C_3 A Responsible for flash setting 8-12%


4. Tricalcium alumina ferrite 4CaO.〖 Al〗_2 〖Fe〗_2 O_3 Felite C_4 AF No contribution for strength 6-10%

– Decreasing order of Heat of Hydration –
C_3 A>C_3 S>C_4 AF>C_2 S

– Heat of Hydration data:
C_3 A ∶ 865 J/gm
C_3 S ∶ 500 J/gm
C_4 AF ∶ 420 J/gm
C_2 S ∶ 260 J/gm

– Decreasing order of Rate of Hydration –
C_4 AF>C_3 A>C_3 S>C_2 S

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