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AFCAT Original Admit Card Lost What Should I do ?

AFCAT Admit Card Lost

If you have lost your original Admit Card and now you are in the confusion of what to do next in order to appear for the SSB. Then you are at the right place as we will tell you how to deal with such a situation and what should be your next step.

AFCAT 2 2022 Admit Card Out


In your process of documentation, first thing required is your Admit  Card. You can actually appear for the SSB even if you are not in the possession of your admit card. But you will need the following documents in that case –

  1. Proof of a FIR filed in the police station nearest to your place or wherever you have lost it
  2. Affidavit for the same
  3. Valid ID proof to prove your identity

In the call letter of SSB/AFSB, it is clearly mentioned, “In case Original Admit Card is not available with the candidate, he/she is to furnish an affidavit stating the valid reasons. The reason also needs to be supported by documents like Copy of FIR in case of loss/theft of the same”


AFCAT Admit Card Lost: Format of Affidavit

This purpose of providing an affidavit is to prove that you are the person who have appeared in the examination and all the details in the admit card is true to your knowledge and you should be allowed to appear in the screening test.

I, __________________________ S/o, D/o _______________________ aged  ________ Years R/o ______________________ occupation ________________  solemnly on oath and affirmation declare as under:
  1. That I have appeared for AFCAT-X, 20XX held on XX in the month of XXXXX and year of  20XX with Afcat number XXXXX in (mention the address of exam).
  2. That the original Admit card issued to me by the Board of AFCAT, has been lost by me and in spite of my best efforts I am unable to trace it and it is beyond recovery. In case it is traced in future, I shall submit it to the Board.
  3. That I was the one who appeared in the exam and I was the one who have given the examination I am hereby making the declaration as required by the, Board of AFCAT.

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Thank You, Your details have been submitted we will get back to you.

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