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AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 2022: 27th August Shift 1

AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 2022 Shift 1

AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 2022: The 1st shift of the second day of the AFCAT 2 2022 Examination is over.  Our Defence Adda team reached the examination center and has taken the direct feedback from the students who appeared on the 1st shift of in AFCAT 2 Exam, 27th August. The type of questions asked, their difficulty level, etc. will be provided in this article.

AFCAT 2 2022 Exam Analysis 27th August Shift 1: Difficulty Level

The 1st shift of the AFCAT Exam is finally over. All the students who have exams in the upcoming shifts must check the detailed exam analysis to get an overview of the difficulty level, types of questions asked, etc. which will benefit them in shaping up their preparation. From the table mentioned below, we will be looking at the Difficulty Level of AFCAT Exam Shift-1 conducted on  26th August 2022.
Sections Number of Questions Level
General Awareness 25 Easy to Moderate
Numerical Ability 20 Moderate
Reasoning and Military Aptitude 30 Easy to Moderate
English Language 25 Moderate
Overall 100 Moderate

AFCAT 2 2022 Exam Analysis 27th August Shift 1: Good Attempts

All the students who appeared in the AFCAT Exam on 27th August 2022 Shift 1 can get an overview of the exam by analyzing their number of attempts. Each shift is of a different difficulty level, so in this case, marks will be normalized. Candidates can check the detailed information about the number of good attempts from the table mentioned below.
Sections Good Attempts
General Awareness 16-18
Numerical Ability 12-16
Reasoning and Military Aptitude 18-22
English Language 22-25
Overall 62-70


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AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 2022 27th August Shift 1: Section Wise

Now, after getting an overview of the overall difficulty level of the examination and the number of reasonable attempts lets us have a look at the section-wise AFCAT exam analysis of 27th August 2022 Shift 1.

Questions Asked on 27th Aug Shift 1 PDF

AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 2022 27th August Shift 1_40.1

AFCAT 2 2022 Exam Analysis 27th August Shift 1: English Language

In the 27th August 2022 Shift 1 Exam, the English Language section was Moderate. In AFCAT exam English section plays a vital role in clearing the exam as a minimum of 25 questions are asked and by preparing section would increase your chances of clearing the written exam. Questions are asked about error detection, grammar usage, idiom and phrases vocabulary, etc.
Questions asked in English section
Q1. Synonym of Placid? Tranquil, Calm
Q2. Synonym of Temporal? Spiritual, Worldly
Q3. Synonym of Devolve? Transfer, Transmit
Q4. Idiom – To hit the hay? To go to bed
Q5. Antonym of Archaic?
Q6. Idiom – To kick the Bucket? To die
Q7. One word Substitution – A person’s habit or behaviour which is not to be reformed? Incorrigible
Q8. Error Detection – There was little improvement in his health since he shifted to ICU? a little
Q9. Error Detection – Bats are sometime seen flying the locality? sometimes

AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 2022 27th August Shift 1: Numerical Ability

In AFCAT 2 Exam 27th August 2022 Shift 1, Numerical Ability was of Moderate Level. Most of the questions were based directly on Formulas and some were calculative. The questions were asked from basic Mathematics and we have provided a detailed analysis of the number of questions asked from each section.
Questions asked in Maths section:
Q1. Two dices are thrown, find the probability that sum of the number is divisible by 4 or 6? 7/18
Q2. On a certain sum, the Simple Interest at the rate of 8% p.a. for 5 years. What will be the rate on same SI for 8 years? 5%
Q3. A train of 100m moving at a speed of 50kmph crosses a train 120m long coming form the opposite direction in 6 seconds. Find the speed of second train? 82kmph
Q4. If the radius of circle is decreased by 50%, then the percentage of area decreases by how much? 75%
Q5. Find the value of (1.25)^2 – (2.25)^2 / 1.25 – 2.25? 3.5
Q6. The average age of Father and son is 40 years. Ratio of their ages is 11:5. Find the son’s age? 25 years
Q6. Average of first 3 numbers is 16 and the average of last 3 number is 16. If the last number is 21, then find the first number? 24
Q7. Train A leaves point A at 5am and reaches point B at 9am. Train B leaves from point B at 7am and reaches point A at 10:30am. What is the time at which both the train crosses each other? 7:56am
Q8. Three photocopy machines Xcan print 1,00,00 pages in 10 hours, Y in 12 hours and Z in 15 hours. If they all start printing at 11am and X shuts down at 1pm, then 1,00,000 pages will be printed by what time? 4:33

AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 2022 27th August Shift 1: Reasoning and Military Aptitude

In 27th August 2022 Shift 1 Exam, the Reasoning questions were of Moderate level. The majority of questions were asked from non-verbal reasoning and military aptitude. The question pattern of this section remains the same and a well-prepared candidate can attempt all the questions.
Questions asked in Reasoning Section: 
Q1. Venn Diagram – Oak, Maple, Furniture
Q2. Rabbit : Hop :: Duck :: Vedal

AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 2022 27th August Shift 1: General Awareness

In 27th August 2022 Shift 1 Exam, General Knowledge questions were asked from all sections. In the table below we have mentioned the number of questions asked from various subjects. A candidate can score well in this section if he has basic knowledge of the General Knowledge subjects and has a good hold on current affairs.
Questions asked in GA Section
Q1. Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award is related to which field? Science and Technology
Q2. First nuclear submarine of Indian Navy? INS CHAKRA
Q3. Which Anti Tank missile was developed by DRPO that can be launched from Helicopter?  HELINA
Q4. Indigenously launched COVID vaccine? COVAXIN
Q5. Match the following:
  • Asad Ali Khan – Rudra Veena
Q6. Recently India has collaborated with which country to develop an Air launched UAV? USA
Q7. Which of the following personality related to Bahishkrit Bharat? Dr. BR Ambedkar
Q8. Whose reign is considered as Golden Age of Literature? Raja Krishna Devraya
Q9. Who wrote the book “Why I am an Athiest”? Bhagat Singh
Q10. What is Supernova? An explosion or Collapse of a star
Q11. Attorney General of India? AG is the top law officer of India.
Q12. Who won the Gold medal in Paralympic Gold medal 2020? Javelin Throw – Sumit Antil
Q13. Which Organization publishes Global Competitiveness Report? World Economic Forum
Q14. HERON Drone/ UAV is from which country? Israel
Q15. Which element is a semi conductor? Gallium
Q16. Green House Gases?
Q17. Who won the Gold Medal in Tokyo Olympics in Javelin Throw? Neeraj Chopra
Q18. Match the following:
  • (Grasslands) – (Continents)
  • Prairies  – North America
  • Downs – Australia
  • Ilanos – South America
  • Pampas – South America

Q19. Which of the following does not cause Global warming? Acctylene

Q20. Match the following:

(Operation) – (Purpose)

  • NISTAR – For evacuation of Indians from Yemen in 2018
  • PAWAN – Indian Peace Keeping Forces to control Jaffna in 1987
  • TRIDENT – Indo Pak War in 1871 by Indian Navy
  • BRASSTACKS – Joint Military Exercise in 1986

Q21. Which missile is Short Range Surface to Surface missile? Prithvi Missile

AFCAT 2 2022 Exam Analysis 27th August Shift 1: Video Analysis

AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 2022 27th August Shift 1_40.1

AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 2022 : FAQs:

Q1. What was the difficulty level of the  Quantitative Aptitude Section in the AFCAT 27 August 2022 Shift 1 written exam?

Ans: The difficulty level of the Quantitative Aptitude section in the 27th August 2022 Shift 1 was moderate.

Q2. How many sections are there in the AFCAT shift 1 questions?

Ans. There are four sections i.e. General Awareness, Reasoning Ability, English, and Quantitative Aptitude.

Q3. What is the duration of the AFCAT Written exam 27 august shift 1 2022?

Ans. The AFCAT written exam 2022 is 2 hours.

Q4. Is there any sectional timing in AFCAT 2022?

Ans. No, there is no sectional timing.

Q5. What was the difficulty level of AFCAT 2 2022 Reasoning ?
Ans. Difficulty level was moderate for AFCAT 2 2022 reasoning.

Q6. How many questions are asked in AFCAT 2 2022 exam?
Ans. There is total 100 MCQ’s asked in AFCAT 2 2022 exam.

Q7. Is there any sectional cutoff in AFCAT 2 2022 exam?
Ans. No there is not any sectional cut off in afcat exam.

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