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AFCAT 1 2022 Last 10 Days Strategy

AFCAT Last 10 Days Strategy

“Strategy is style of thinking, a conscious and deliberate process, an intensive implementation system, the science of insuring future success.” Pete Johnson

A Robust strategy is  the most welcomed aspect of preparation. Following the strategy makes you disciplined and punctual which later fruits as success. But why we are being so insistent on strategy. Well all this blabber has things to do with the upcoming AFCAT exam. With barely 30 days left, it’s time you become focused. Having said that let’s see how you can use this time more efficiently.

First things first! Let’s understand the exam better.

AFCAT 2022 Exam Pattern

Total 100 questions will be asked , which contain 300 marks. You will be required to finish your Exam in 2 hours. You can see the question wise breakup below.

General Awareness
25 Appx
  2 Hours
25 Appx
Numerical Ability
18 Appx
Reasoning and Military Aptitude
32 Appx

10 Days ! 10 Points!

Yes! Only 10 days are remaining. What value these days hold cannot be denied, this is the time when you can give a final touch of perfection to the Hard-work you have done, now that reading something new will not help now but revising the old can make your knowledge permanent, below are some points which can help you use the time Efficiently

  • Make a list of all important Topics and make sure you learn them all.
  • Give a visit to all your notes, don’t forget their existence.
  • Focus on reducing time you take in every question.
  • Give maximum time to mocks and analyse where you are lagging behind.
  • Give Subject wise mocks to have a better grasp in every subject.
  • Revise the last six month current Affairs.
  • Write Down every Formula and Trick you know and revise it multiple time.
  • Track down your progress in mocks and if you are scoring less then increase the number of mocks.
  • Learn better and faster ways of solving problems.
  • Have confidence in your Preparation.

AFCAT Study material

There are still 10 days and you can move mountains in this period. If only you dare, Adda247 has custom made GA Capsule, Quizzes, PDFs to help you in distress, we even have specialized video courses for AFCAT Exam. You just need to get serious and study. These 10 days can bring you a gift you will cherish for life.

 S. No.     Study Material
   1 300+ Numerical Ability Questions for AFCAT
   2 Complete Static GK for AFCAT
   3 500 Important Reasoning and Mental Ability Questions PDF for AFCAT
   4 1000+ GA One Liners for AFCAT 1 2022
  5 500 Important English Questions PDF for AFCAT 1 2022

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